What the h,,, is going on?

I’ve been away from BL for the past 2 years, but have 3000+ hours of gameplay from the good old days.
Now i wanted to play co-up with my son, and i noticed that steam changed our Borderlands from from Borderlands to Borderlands GOTY. I’ve never asked for this GOTY stuff.

But anyway, tried to start the CO-UP only to find out that it’s not possible.
And i only bought the ekstra borderlands copy back then, to play co-up with my son. But now we just sit here with 2 useless borderlands games.

So my question is.
Is it even legal that they change my game i purchased 9 years ago, so i now can’t use it?
if i wanted the GOTY Sh#t, i would’ve bought it myself.
And is there even any way to fix the co-up, now when gearbox can’t make anything right?

Assuming you are on PC, it was a free anniversary gift to anyone who had the original game on Steam. The original game should still be there - the two titles have different names at the file system level - so you should still be able to find and play that.

If you’re not on PC, then I’m not sure what’s going on as I don’t remember the remaster being free for anyone else.

True, i’m on PC.:slight_smile:

There’s only the GOTY on both of our steams.
But my son got a new PC at Christmas, so had to re-install all games. But i haven’t changed anything on my steam. But i can only see the GOTY, and then a Enchanced.
Haven’t tried the Enchanced though, and i don’t know what the difference is or if the co-up would work in that.

But the big question is, as it is. Would it even be possible to play co-up on PC?

If you both have Steam accounts and both PCs are hooked up, then yes. You’ll just have to connect via Steam inside of using LAN play. IIUC the enhanced version adds 4K textures, so only use that if you have a system that can display 4K.

@Adabiviak or @RavenOfArisia - is the original BL version still in your Steam library?

When you say LAN, i’m thinking the cabel.
Does LAN work with Wi-fi? Cause our house is waaay too big for cable unless we get a 200 feet cable. (we don’t have laptops, we both use gaming PC’s. One in his room, and the other in the living room)

It makes sence that the original BL wouldn’t be in the Steam library when the game was re-installed on the new PC.
But on my steam it’s gone as well, simply replaced with the GOTY.

By LAN in this context I mean directly connecting the PCs together. I’m not sure if that’s possible on PC (not my platform) but I know original BL1 has that option on console.

As long as both PCs have a decent internet connection, you should be able to match up on-line and still play though.

I just tried to start a Puplic LAN game, and when my son logs in, the LAN game with the name i choose is visible.
But 5 times we tried, and everytime it said “Could not connect to host”, and i can’t invite him either (not joinable).
This is on Wi-fi though, not connected the PC’s with a cable, which is proberly what we need to do to make this work.

I saw a thread about changing some ports in the router, but that was a PS4 thread.
Do you know if that would work on the PC as well?

Possibly? I believe there is a list of ports used by BL1 Remaster somewhere, although I don’t have it handy. You may want to file a support ticket and specifically ask about the process.

All I’m seeing is the re-master.

Borderlands GOTY = the BL1 you know and love, it’s the same thing but with a new “improved” name. The Enhanced version is the remaster they released almost a year ago.

@Stouty22 and I have been able to play online coop via steam(they switched to steam services a few years back) recently, in the last couple weeks.

I’d check both of your installations for updates/verify installation/etc. just in case, but the game should work just fine in online co-op.

Thanks for pointing me toward the forums years back, you’re the reason I’m here in the first place!


And all DLC included iirc.

Hello BillTheBetta.:slight_smile:

That’s odd, i actually tried to get in contact with stouty on my new steam profile, to ask him about exacly what you’re saying there. But if you two managed to make it work, then it should be possible for me and my son to make it work as well.

If you’re talking about the old Gamespy, then yeah, i remember they switched to steam, and i played co-up with both Story and TanteErna alot back then with no problems.
I will try again tomorrow and see if i can make it work.

It is great to see some familiar names in here.:slight_smile:
Feel free to write me a PM/steam Add.

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You will want to make sure that both you and your son are launching the same version, and that you both have the same version code (updates). Hopefully you get it sorted!

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You’re right, i haven’t checked that.
Thanks for the info.:slight_smile:

Sorry lol didn’t realize you sent me a new inv buddy. Accepted. Hope these guys where able to help you out.

Dang it, literally yesterday I was removing games from my Favorites list, and I swear I removed the non-enhanced version, but I can’t see it anywhere in here now, so maybe I’m trippin’. I still see the Borderlands folder in my Steam library, distinct from the GOTY Enhanced folder), but the game throws an error when trying to run out of there.

I re’installed the game on both PC’s, but we still can’t connect or join eachothers games no matter what we do or which chars we try.:confused:
Is there even any Gearbox employe on this forum? Who may can tell me if this error can be fixed?
When i search on google, it seems that everyone with the GOTY version can’t coop at all, so i guess GBX is to blame.

I think LAN co-op got the chop, but you should still be able to join through Steam if you are both on-line. Not as convenient as direct connection, but it should work? Your best bet at this point is to open a support ticket

I made a support ticket, and crossing fingers that GBX have a solution.:slight_smile: