What the heck happened to Handsome Collection forums

was just on there 10 minutes ago, now its not even listed anywhere here now, did they remove it cause of all the real complaints about their remaster, or are they working on it to improve it, anyone have an idea, or is it just my browser not wanting to show it, which I doubt, cause everything else is listed

Same as you … Had it on my bookmarks and it says 404 page doesn’t exist or is private??

Very strange … Maybe they are hiding :smiley:

I guess that keeps the complaints on it down now

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wondering the same. Handsome Collection section is just gone o_O

u can only get to it thru your older posts, but only that post, nothing to take you to the forums of it. Gearbox and 2k really need to get their crap together, their really going down hill anymore

Even topics that I have posted on it says …

“Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic!”

Maybe they are preparing a really excellent surprise as a reward for all us poor suckers that bought it?!

… maybe not …

u might be right in the surprise thing, I just don’t think its gonna be one that we like

Excuse me Mr @Jeffybug but if you have any idea about this, would you care to divulge any info our way?

(I know that’s not a very well constructed sentence, my apologies)

It’s back! haha

its showing in list of games now, but wont take you to forum, just says like what was said earlier, doesn’t exist or is private

wait yeah, i see it but if i click on it it doesnt exist :l

Wtf??? Someone needs to answer for my almost 900 badass rank vanishing overnight!!! So pissed!!!

their reply, will be to send a ticket. even when their on here, they pick and choose what to answer on forums, and ignore the rest.

Complete bs how is that gonna help me

I honestly don’t know, but ive read many complaining on this, and they are told, team is looking into it, or send a ticket, if you have friends that can fix it, do it, it gets done faster and better

Wish I knew someone who could fix it. Ugh FML I don’t wanna start over

I hear ya, lucky I had a friend that knows his stuff, got tired of waiting for them to fix the backpack sdu issues, and then that cross save feature not working right in the beginning. But went to my frieds son, and he new just how to fix it, been workn fine sense, wish he could fix gearboxs whole game for me, but sadly, that’s up to gearbox

Any chance u live in Indiana lol

sorry, no I don’t, I am your neighbor thow, Illinois

Damn lol so close

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