What the heck happened?

to the luciens call, mine are almost 11000 weaker. They just buffed them a month a so ago so they were good.Did they do this to the rowens call as well? Please let them fix luciens call.

“Deep in BL3’s mysterious spaghetti code, something between our stealth nerf to our eleventh hour paid fix for our unnecessary world drop nerf caused our overdue patch to improperly apply hotfixes” seems to be the gist.


ok foud video after the first post thanks

Rather a perfect description of a mismanaged product.

Safe from all future nerfs, until they nerf it. I wonder if they’ll test their next game before they release it?

Seems that in merging hotfixes into the actual code they broke things along the way so the lucians lost its buff along with some others

well, here’s to hoping they can and will fix this.

Wanted to do a fly-by my Lucians call has been fixed, whoo hoo I’m happy.Thanks, Gearbox.
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