What the hell happened to Garcia's firing mode!?

I saw Garcia buff and got excited. Imagine my suprise when i test it to be a slow firing junk with a cooldown animation of sorts every 2 shots. The gun is just dead compared to previous fast firing mode.

I do not understand this change at all, it wasnt exactly usable in m10.


It really is sad that the Garcia had the potential to be one of the best weapons in the game but initially GB muffed the damage numbers making it just a high mag, fast firing piece of crap.

They did increase the damage numbers but removed the gun’s cool factor of the combination of high mag with fast fire rate, which just made the weapon even less desireable than its pre nerfed/buffed version.

Im just not sure why GB has to screw it up before attempting to fix it …

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Well its not only The Garcia, its every other Jakobs shotgun but Speedloadn’ Hellwalker.

I was farming for Jakobs weapons on M10 in the last weeks, especially shotguns, but there is no shotgun that can compete to Speedloadn’ Hellwalker, no matter what mag-size, firing modes or other advantages they may have on paper, in reallity they can’t compete.

Just some examples of Jakobs shotguns i got playing M10:

The Garcia - 7736 x12
Sledges Shotgun - 6791 x10
One Pump Chump - 64498 x1
Speedloadn’Hellwalker - 26068 x10

I got some other Jakobs shotguns but only on M5 & M9 and none of these would be stronger than the Hellwalker on M10, they are more on line with the other shotguns.

I do understand that M10 is endgame, but the M10 weapons should be viable against M10 enemies. It’s not only the shotguns, alone sniper rifles compared to the shotguns is a joke.

GBX really needs to revisit the whole weapon balance.

Best regards.

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i came here to create the same thread. what is the point of drum shotgun with slow listed fire rate if you have even more delay due to scatter gun barrel pump? it should be semi auto no delay


I agree.

Or why not full-auto shotguns? They are legendary so let them be something special!

They do not have any advantage with their high-magazine capacity, the Hellwalker is “speedloadn”.

nah Jakobs should be semi-auto, fan the hammer. full auto Jakobs is heresy

Supposedly the Garcia’s firerate has been bugged for a while already even before the last hotfix, just that it wasn’t noticed because nobody was using the Garcia anymore :laughing:

Anyway, the Garcia’s damage is plenty sufficient to roll over M10 content once they fix the fire rate, the Hellwalker is just overtuned.

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If the Garcia’s fire rate has been nerfed due to a bug and not intentionally, we should expect that it will be fixed?

I don’t think anyone is complaining about the Garcia’s damage after the buff … the concern is that the fire rate has been nerfed and GB has not stated their intention to fix the so called “bug” or if they itentionally nerfed it when it was buffed but just left that part out of the hotfix notes.

it is not nerfed tho it is scatter gun barrel and scatter gun barrels need to be manually pumped after every two shots. the problem is that it goes against the guns design philosophy since it is a drum mag shotty and should have gattling trigger. it is actuaully working correctly in terms of how game core works. but it should be working differently due to it having legendary effect.

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Actually, its not a pump shotgun. It has a magazine and therefore a semi-auto.

i did not say it is pump shotgun but barrel is pump and it pumps i think it should have coach barrel or longrider barrel but it has scattergun barrel


I had to re-read your post. I see what you’re saying now. My bad!!!

Well, I fixed it . . Sort of. There are two problems. The first problem, it had a non functional barrel attachment which was causing the hitch after two shots are fired. I removed this non function barrel attachment and the weapon fired semi auto as intended. The second problem is linked to the unique barrel. For some reason, it locks the fire rate at 2 shots per second no matter what. So this is the result in the video. It’s still firing at less the half the previous fire rate and has lost some of its character, but at least I’m able to partially recover the weapon.


I used to use the Garcia tons. Haven’t in a while until I saw this thread. So I had to give it a try. It does have that horrible hitch after two shots now. It renders it relatively useless.

Is it a bug or intentional?

You didnt read my post :frowning:??

I did. But why the change, intentional or accident? It could barely hang in M10 so I don’t get why they made it total junk.

I’m on PS so I can’t remove the part, etc.

Of course its unintended. I’ve said as much as to literally fall just short of saying the word “glitch” implicitly.