What the hell happened to my title?

I was “reborn as : badass” and now i’m "renace como : malote"
I don’t even know what language that is

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Portuguese, maybe?

The whole game is still in english
I don’t get it…

That is extremely weird indeed… :S Only this one title changed languages?

All the other titles are still in english, it’s the only one (well the only one I saw)

Suddenly it’s back to normal.
What the…

Maybe a Portuguese Battleborn Ghost is haunting you… This is but the start.

Yeah this happened to me too. However, about half of my titles changed to German for some reason. It went away after a day and hasn’t happened since.

Hey guys. This is a bit of an oddity, have any of you put in bug reports via the help desk?

No I didn’t make a ticket to the support…


It seems like enough people are having this happen where I feel as though the staff are aware of it.

I’ll make sure I send a message there way too. If this should persist in a weeks time, put in an error report just so it is documented as to who it is occurring to.

I’m certain they’ll diagnose and remedy this.

Yeah … no. That’s spanish. :dukenegative:

I can’t be familiar with all languages :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I know Malote is a Portuguese word and that was the only word I recognized so I went with that.

Just teasing you all :dukegoof: