What the hell happened to the OP difficulty

So i played a few ops missions last night and they were pretty fun. I get on tonight to find the boss battle harder than the ■■■■■■■ sabatour ??? What the hell did they spike the difficulty for? Im so not doing this ■■■■ 25+ times just for skins man

What OPS points we’re you playing at last night and what player count? And then the same questions for today.

It goes up as you get more OPS points. If it’s too much you can use Nova at the checkpoints to reset the difficulty, but you probably won’t reach the second set of skins.

Idk what points we had. We were blazing through everything until half way through the boss battle when like 20 huge thrall spawned, no joke. It just seemed very out of the ordinary but its happened 3 times that ive played tonight. ■■■■■■■ nade spam out the ass.

If you’re going to get the 85 OP difficulty skins then just solo it. It’s soooo much easier. I soloed it with Deande no problem, and she’s not the most amazing PvE character in the game. Me and my friends beat that 85 to 98 difficulty together once after a lot of failures. Don’t burn yourself out. Play to have fun.

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