What the hell happened to Zer0?

When we saw the gameplay reveal of borderlands 3 and when all the streamers got into testing it on promethea we met Zer0 in-game but i noticed that he lacked one of his main draws as an iconic character, the way he speaks.

In borderlands 2 and in tales from the borderlands he talks in the japanese speechform of haiku but i didn’t hear him speak anytime in this way in the gameplay reveal and when streamers played with him at their side, he spoke like any other character in the game, just normal speech.

So what the hell Gearbox, give us back the aspect that i and probably many others found in Zer0 that was one of the most iconic (it’s pretty simple to fix i bet).

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He spoke in haiku

There’s specifically a line that ended with

“maliwan dick heads”

5 syl

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Haiku is a speechform that is made up of three lines, those lines are made up like this:
first line= 5 syl
second line= 7 syl
third line= 5 syl

Just because one line in his entire manuscript fits the first step of a haiku it dosen’t mean that it’s a haiku, and i maybe wrong here but isn’t “maliwan dick heads” at the end of some longer segment of speech? how are the syllables made up in the lines before that specific anecdote

I’m busy and can’t get the full details, but I was saying that was the end of a haiku line which I had specifically noticed because “maliwan dickheads” was a specific phrasing that reminded me t check .

ok i understand, nice talking to you anyways :slight_smile:

Zer0 still speaks in haiku form. Here’s a whole bunch of examples I’ve just transcribed directly from gameplay footage:

“Hello, vault hunter
Let’s ruin Maliwan’s day
Our mission begins”

“We made them angry
Prepare for counter-attack
Maliwan dickheads”

“Their sole(?) test failed
A predictable outcome
with our combined skills”

“New Maliwan tech
My sword requires an upgrade
Search through this depot”

“That’s the sword upgrade
I need it for our mission
I’ll trade you for it”

“Thank you, look at this
Mono-molecular(?) edge
Translation: cool sword”

“That’s Katagawa
head of Maliwan mergers
and acquisitions”

“That guy is a douche
and he’s way obsessed with Rhys
It’s kind of creepy”

“With this new upgrade
I can cut Maliwan shields
Stand back and watch this”

“Walls cannot hold us
Now to take down Gigamind
That is our mission”

“Maliwan AI
All their secrets in one place
A juicy target”

“Precisely the plan
Meet me at Halcyon space port
Now the hunt is on”

“Gigamind is here
Expect intense resistance
This is the fun part”

“This fight is a test
Show your true skill in battle
I will be watching”

“That will at least hold
recently processed data
and thoughts during death”

“Return to the base
and send that data to Rhys
I have more to kill”

“Oh, and vault hunter…
You are worthy of that name
Good hunting with you”

“My sword is so sharp
I wonder how many men
I could cleave at once”


Thank you


yea ok that’s pretty valid evidence, thanks for saving me from 4 months of worrying


Now that I’m done work, I can comment: almost everything he said was in haiku format. I hadn’t kept a list, but it mattered a lot to me because my best friend loves haiku, and as such, Zer0 reminds me of her. So anytime he talked, I mentally made sure it worked. The one that I could remember was “maliwan dickheads”. Which I remembered because, if it wasn’t meant to be part of a haiku, the phrasing made minimal sense.