What the hell have they done to Rath?

Ok i have seen the day one patch notes but there is no way in hell thats everything they have changed.

Apart from a few small changes (Thorns blight cool down time) nothing really sticks out. UNTIL you see Rath. he is a hell of alot stronger then he was in the beta. He now seems to be able to kill anyone in an instant and takes alot to kill him.

Now im not asking for him to be nerfed but surely he isnt the way they intended on him to be?

I kill him, I get killed by him. He seems balanced to me, and I play mostly Isic and Montana. Just be aware of his knock up, 99% of charging Raths love to knock you up first before proceeding to beat you down.

He felt the same to play as him or to get murdered by him from beta. No noticeable difference for me.

his ult needs to be seriously considered. other than that he is completely fine. he literally spawns with it basically every time, or can get that all but guaranteed 1-2 piece with it, then go heal up and wait for his cooldown and get another 1-2 piece. why doesnt phoebe or deande have an ult like that? they are the same type of characters. a good rath doesnt run the knockup anyway, and runs the stun. and it is RIP if you get stunned by him. that is when a smart rath pops the ult and easily merks the stunned player and the next poor sap coming to help

I think he is balanced. He’s suppose to be able to get in and melt, but if he over commits he gets punished. Range BattleBorns seem to have good control over him and some sort of crowd control should shut him down quick. Such as a slow, stun or knock up. You could use the range or C.C. to prevent him from coming in or interrupt his combo if he gets in. Team comp. as well as PvP match up knowledge are important when facing off in multi player. I recommend a Benedict or Montana to counter Rath. Both seem to have good enough tools to shut down most assassin type BattleBorns or at least have the ability to control the pace of the fight.

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his ultimate is apart of his burst combo rarely will you see a rath auto attack you to deah i suggest you watch for him and know if you get knocked up your dead.

I get the opposite impression of Rath now. In open beta, all I could do was run when I saw him. Now he seems very mortal.

It’s maybe just me then but I never had this much trouble against him in n the beta.

Rath is easy to deal with… all you have to do is keep your shields up, or slow him and walk backwards. If he cant lifesteal, he takes hits like a little girl

although he is probably one of the higher dps if he can keep in distance. his hp and survivability are mid to low. he is my favorite character in style (a multiple energy sword user with cool outft and vegetas voice!?) but I still suck with him competitively. he can’t cut through tankier hero’s like I want to and can be overwhelmed easy as his range is so short

I’ve taken down a few Raths on capture using Orendi didn’t notice them being any more dangerous than the beta just scary dps up close. I have witnessed a Toby survive his ultimate though.

As a Rath main, he does seem a bit stronger than he used to be, but with that just has to do with the fact that I have been getting consistently better results with him. My best game with him during the 5 days I played him in the beta was 22-4. I’ve beaten that record at least 3 times in just 2 days of the full release. Though, with that being said, I’ve noticed that the Rath’s I face, regardless of which character I play, are much easier to deal with than when I faced enemy Rath’s in the beta. Player skill is an obvious factor here, but I think there is a bit more to it. As I play Rath more and more, his strengths and weaknesses become more apparent to me. Not only am I suddenly doing better with him, but now I know how to deal with him more effectively. The point I’m trying to make here is that one of the best ways to learn a character inside and out is by playing them for yourself. I could of easily destroyed every Rath I came into contact with by just playing Montana and writing him off as a mediocre character, but doesn’t tell me how to deal with Rath as a Marquis or Toby. By playing Rath more I was able to learn where the good spots for flanking are, which skills he will likely run, and more importantly, I was able to learn how other characters react to my Rath play. It probably would of taken longer for me to realize that I can use accelerators to my advantage when dealing with an enemy Rath had I not seen an Oscar Mike do the same thing. Another thing I learned about Rath by playing him is that no good Rath ever takes multiple enemies on at once. He’s just too squishy for anything beyond a 1v1 duel and his ult can only carry you so far when the enemy has any form of stun or CC at their disposal.

tl;dr: if you can’t beat em, play em, then learn their weaknesses so you can finally beat em.

And if you actually read that, good on you because I probably have several grammatical errors that I’m too lazy to look for right now.

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