What the hell is Duke saying?

At the end of the trailer Duke is saying a foul mouthed sentence followed by "We’re right back where we started."

Now I haven’t played the original Bulletstorm in a while but I know that’s not what Grayson says on the train scene.

No idea why Gearbox would choose a scene for marketing where we can’t understand what Duke is saying, but what do I know about appealing to newcomers?

Any ideas what he’s saying?

He’s saying “oh beep, the rim beep piece of beep. We’re right back where we started beep! Guessing this wasn’t included in the brochure”

Duke’s dialog is original for his character.
They went an extra step and wrote and recorded new dialog for Duke specifically.

And, the scene at the end of the trailer was used for laughs. The beeps are meant to be funny, to show the type of language Duke is using.
Possibly even poking fun at how profane the original BulletStorm is.

Similar to how DNF makes a joke in the Doctor Who Cloned Me DLC, I don’t remember the line specifically. But, towards the end of the DLC. Duke and Dylan are nearing the teleporter, and they see the building… and Dylan I believe, says something like "Wow, that just makes me want to say the word dck a lot"…
Poking fun at how much BulletStorm says d