What the hell is "turnt"?

I have mixed feelings for these ads for Duke’s Bullestorm Tour, I like seeing the return of a live action Duke in commercials from the glory days of Zero Hour and Land of the Babes, but they just don’t feel right to me.
Yeah I get the point of “Duke doesn’t belong there”, but it still feels off to me.
A big reason is because in the first 2 ads they have the Duke actor talk which does not work, so it’s good they didn’t make him talk in this latest one.

Also if there’s a next ad they may as well have Duke take a jab at the Borderlands 3 whiners in the comments cause they’re getting damn annoying.

Oh yeah also, WHAT THE HELL IS “TURNT”?

“Turnt” is a slang term for “feeling excited” or hyping something.

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