What the hell is wrong with Ghalts shotguns?

I have never seen such failure to hit in my life. I’m pretty sure I’m not awful at aiming, I’m not MLG but I miss A LOT of shots with Ghalt. I feel it gets even worse if you take the Solid Slug mutation. I do not know where to aim the reticle, it’s so wildly inconsistent.

Do I need to lead the target? Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

Do I need to aim lower/higher than the head? Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

Are they in range? Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

I am at a loss for how to handle his guns at the moment.

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I’ve heard some things about his ULT being pretty inconsistent in the aim department. Could need some tweaking. But in the other hand I have seen people lead the team in kills with him.

Sidenote: Sometimes his double shotgun ult has this weird blur on the reticle, like that effect of ‘heat’ or something. I can’t see sh*t. I will post a video on it. It happened a couple of times.

Ya his shotgun is wacky crazy sometimes. Was 1v1ing another Ghalt yesterday at close range, my Slug Rounds vs. his ???. Reticle was right on him a few times, still missed. Started leading him by a fraction (I was essentially aiming at the fabric of his jacket on his arm), still missed. Barely barely barely won the exchange, and it was infuriating.


It’s been a long day. Carry on.