What the hell is wrong with me?

I have played so many MOBAs, FPS and MMO PvP games since Everquest. I have always been an above average(not pro) player.

Queue up Battleborn. I have never, NEVER, had such a ■■■■■■■ abysmal ass win rate in my life in ANY game. What the hell is going on? Is it because I’m not playing FOTM BB’s?

Do I need to cheese with BB like: Mike, Orendi, Ambra, Montana, Reyna? I mean god damn, even when I Rath I’ll get garbage teams that you can’t carry for.

Maybe that’s the problem, you can’t really carry here. It has the HOTS problem of the good player can make some plays but ultimately will never make up for even one bad player on the team(and sometimes I’m the bad player, I’m not pro but I know my way around this game by now).

God…it’s just…frustrating as hell. Can we get Ranked mode ASAP please so I can start fresh at least and work with draft picks?


Orendi Cheese? o3o…
She’s in the balanced tier (fan made teir class for all characters, idk where it is)
She also only has like 800 health lol…
She’s a glass AoE cannon with speed.
I main Orendi and I can honestly say I don’t see how she’s over powered, she’s fast but has Zero vertical maneuverability and she has some good AoE skills

I honestly don’t think i’ve even heard someone say any those were unfair characters in some definitive way.
Besides Ambra, but she was Nerf’d just today.

I don’t have the best record, probably because I don’t play multiplayer that much.

I don’t see what you’re trying to say here, you aren’t really laying out a problem just that you don’t like your current score.

And yeah bad team can ruin the game, thats because this game is very MOBA-esk, it isnt just a pvp see how many you can kill death match kind of game

MOBAs are not new to me, I played DOTA before Allstars was a thing, played Allstars for years, played LoL, played Dota2, played HoN, all with above average MMR in each. 3-4k rating, Rank 1 in HOTS(which is sort of a joke BUT meh).

Nothing new under the sun for me in this game other than playing FP instead of top down. And again, not a stranger to FPS either so really, there’s nothing here that’s throwing me off. Focus objectives, get mercs, buy robots with mercs for extra pressure, upgrade turrets, buy gear when you can. Not hard.

Honestly I’d say at least 25% of my losses are from a teammate(s) DC which is just…garbage. We need reports and bans ASAP as well, tired of it.

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…Sorry I found that yesterday and it was cute so i had to use it somewhere *3*

But tbh what you said in that part i quoted just seems a little like saltyness, I mean you can’t have the expectation of doing well in on game when you do well in another of similar genre.
Battleborn isnt some hyper unique thing, but its defiantly different.
I’d say you can’t really go into it with any other mind sets
If you’re getting killed play another way, if its all your team then we have to wait on matchmaking

I’d agree with that part, Team aspects are important, I made a thread here about issues with players leaving and solutions (solutions that could be used with kicking a terrible player)
Plus bad matchmaking mind you…

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The game heavily promotes getting your friends (or making new friends) to play with as a team and using effective communication. If you’re playing like me - solo queue/pug without mic - then you’re going to have to accept losses. Even of that becomes a losing steak to you, that’s just how it plays out. If you want team players up to your skill level then your going to have to go find them unfortunately. Did you also consider that your losing streaks are other people’s winning streaks?


Mae Alani bring you a bountiful harvest of great teammates and infinite wins.

I had a rough day today learning attikus. And Mikos with mics intent on insulting their team opposed to healing it.

Switch up between game modes, play a hero you haven’t played in awhile.
In the end its about your having fun more than your wins, so trying new helix paths is more productive than finding your teams weak links


See, I like the Hots approach of no single carry, I quit lol because of those shenanigans. Oops, riven killed me, gg. Doesn’t matter that my jungle killed theirs, riven’s fed.
As Rath, I’ve had literally three, almost consecutive, matches where I had 20+ kills, less than five deaths, and my team got smashed into the ground. That’s with me focusing lanes, and playing with my significant other and a friend. (She is good, he is… Learning :slight_smile: )
But when I play solo, it’s a true hit or miss. I feel your pain, because there’s not much you can do unless your OM and you nade every wave so they get no points. And even then, they can kill you/your team for points. I prefer meltdown, to clarify. It’s a team based game, and with jerks like me who play wayyy too much, you get a lot of smash matches unless you play premade lobbies.

Side note, I get the horrible winrate. First few days, I had the same issue. I couldn’t use Anyone! Til gali, and yes I stopped using her. But it helped me get a feel for the game, figure out plays and counter plays. It just took me a bit to learn that this is different from every other moba. I don’t know what it is about it, but it’s just different.

What heroes you play? Some problems occur when character isn’t played it should be played ending in dying too often. Also the worst thing you can do in this game (besides quitting lol) is die a lot to feed the enemy. I would really suggest playing carefully, pick up your opponent in the right time and place.

There are definitely heroes you can carry better with. When I started playing I mainly went with Attikus and Whiskey and it was difficult to carry a bad team. Since I’ve switched my mains to Benedict/Rath I have much higher chance of carrying the baddies. I do mainly play meltdown though. It might be different on incursion.

With that said, you can score crazy good in every category but there are just some teams that are not carriable. Then there is also the problem of facing coordinated premades…

I believe it was said already but what helped me was switching up characters and modes frequently. When I first started I would only use Rath in story mode and rock. Then I jumped over to incursion and repeatedly got smashed. I was feeling exactly the way @Dreadspectre was feeling. But then I unlocked Mellka (whom I swore I would never play as again after the prologue) and on a frustrated mistake picked her in a capture match. OMG I fell in love, while we didn’t win I went 22 and 3 and was top of the pole. Playing her forced me to switch up my play style and I found that I was much better in her role than Raths when it came to PVP.

After getting my confidence back I started unlocking and trying out different play styles and GEAR GEAR GEAR (makes all the difference in PVP) with each character and things started to come together. Give it some time and try switching up roles, and your style of play and you’ll find some pretty awesome tricks to make up for those randos on your team. Even went back to Rath and can pretty much carry the load for that one or two random thats screwin it up for the rest of the team. This is because I am more familiar with the other characters and know how to use Rath to their disadvantages.

Sorry for the long post just seeing too many people jump ship before really getting to the meat of the game which is learning its characters inside and out. Thats my 2 cents, you can keep the change.

I started off playing mostly Kleese once I had him unlocked and played him to Master, I usually played well personally but didn’t mean I won all the time. I then mastered Rath, again usually playing decent but not always winning. Recently been playing Dragon and Foxtrot and had a little winstreak with both and then a spiral descent into absolute trash last night.

I am fully aware of the horrors of solo queuing in PVP games(my friends from back in the day don’t play nearly as much as I do anymore) so I don’t expect a 70+% win rate or anything but I don’t have have a 50% right now with over 90 PvP matches now.

I’m also not opposed to the HOTS “no carry” style of play(again rank 1 solo queue, no stranger to teamplay) but I was just listing that as a reason for why maybe it feels so hopeless sometimes.

Really though they need to get a handle on DC’s/leavers/afk’s on this, that would go a long way to helping out heh. I really feel like teams need some boost to compensate being down players. Passive shard gain for everyone, bonus experience, something has to happen.

Also referring to the BB’s I said to cheese with, I didn’t to imply that they are OP so much as they are really easy to play and provide pretty high damage numbers without trying much in comparison to many other BB’s.

Steps to winning:

  1. Duo queue. Having one other known decent person on your team helps a LOT.
  • Your MOBA history can help you. Careful positioning and time management
  • Don’t forget buildables
  • This also means not hogging up all the shards so you can get your 3 epics in the first 5 minutes
  • Watch your health. Full shields does not mean full health
  • Some characters/playstyles work better for certain modes.

Oscar Mike is always good.

OM is borderline derp proof. I really do not get why he has Invisibility honestly, it’s a crutch for a character that can put out incredible ranged DPS.

He doesn’t have any other form of escape. It’s arguable whether he SHOULD or not, but he has no CC unless you take the slowing bombardment.

Most characters get some sort of “oh, ■■■■!” ability they can employ. A dash, or a slow, or a haste or something. OM can turn invisible.

I actually support it because it keeps him from having any more offensive abilities. Think of it as a filler move.

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Ambra is cheesing? Really?

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Well part of the problem with Incursion was “the snowball” effect where it made coming back incredibly difficult if your 1st sentry was destroyed. The recent adjustments have greatly helped though.

I’d ask if you’re considering your team composition when you pick your hero. I’ll often wait for everyone else to lock in before I choose to make sure we have a fighting chance.
I have loadouts for 6-7 different characters for that reason.

I feel your pain man. Even with some of your best performances you just can’t carry 2-3 other people (depending on how bad they are). It truly is a frustrating experience, but thats just the nature of the beast. its a team game and a couple of people who dont know what they’re doing or are just trying to play TDM can kill the entire team.

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