What the hell is wrong with my Borderlands:The Handsome Collection Disc?

I’m from Germany and normally I buy my games from Amazon.de but for every FSK 18 game (the equivalent of R rated) you buy you have to pay 5 extra bucks for shipping (the idea is that the postman checks your ID and only then he gives you the game. This is supposed to prevent minors getting games that they’re not supposed to have but guess what: they don’t care). And because I don’t feel like paying these stupid 5 bucks I bought my game from a trustworthy game shop in Austria (bought several games there without complains). Before that I borrowed the game from my local videoshop just to see if it’s any good (and it is, so I decided to buy it).

Now today I received my copy from Austria and the game is supposed to be the same version with German as the preset language and also the text on the box is in German as well. When I put in the game I noticed that my PS4 created a second entry for the game so now I have two of them. And then I noticed that the German version was automatically patched to 1.04 (around 10 GB) while the Austrian version only went up to 1.02 (less than 2GB).

Also my PS4 (the second revision btw) get so f*cking loud while the Austrian version is in it, even when the game isn’t started and the system isn’t even reading data. And even if you wait or play the game for a while it still sounds like a jet taking off all the time. This is way louder than the German version and every other game that I own (and I own other games from Austria as well). Normally it’s only loud immediately after you put in the game and start it but after a few moments you hear a ‘woosh’ like noise and the console gets super quiet after that. At least it’s like that with my PS4.

What the hell is wrong with this version?

The Handsome Collection installs as two separate games: Borderlands 2 (with all content) and The Pre-Sequel (with all content).

Update 1.04 sounds like the BL2 game and it would indeed be about double the size of TPS, because it has a massive amount of content. TPS did not, iirc, receive as many updates. It’s possible that there will be more updates queued which will need to download before you can play either game.

Pretty sure its just your playstation. It does the same thing to me no matter what game i out into it.