What the hell is wrong with my game?

I can tell you that you are not the only one. I have perfect connection if I can get into matches and all other games work perfectly.

The problem seems to be that the servers from gearbox struggle to actually verify your PSN account and so can’t load the data for your game before a timeout happens. This seems to happen to more and more players and as far as I know it mostly happens to folks that hit rank 100 and/or have lots of stuff unlocked.

That is the exact opposite of what Australians truly are.


That makes a lot of sense.

I’ve personally had this problem since launch. At first I put it down to heavy server traffic due to just launching, then I thought it was the server issues that my fellow aussies were having issues with, but it’s only been recently that I’ve discovered that most of the people I have played with/spoken to have made it clear that what I’m experiencing is far from normal. I’ve seen a few mentions of issues similar to mine since the matchmaking reverted and as much as I wouldn’t wish them on my worst enemy, I’m kind of glad that there’s a few more voicing these concerns and improving the odds of getting a fix/answer

well I certainly wasn’t going to besmirch an entire Nation online :laughing:

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We put vegemite in chocolate. Nuff said lol

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My favourite part of Aussie culture is how our women put their tampons in the freezer, that and making spaghetti sauce with jam.

Out of those two things I’m not sure which one I find to be weirder.

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As someone also liking his tomatosauce a bit more fruity for his pasta I find the jam less weird.

did you try turning your monitor on and off?

definitely the jam with spaghetti for me, I have no measure of weirdness for tampons in freezers… I mean there could be a good reason for it

It causes them to shrink, a super tampon becomes a super slim. Then it’s easier to… And it expands when…
So, who’s farming what gear today?

What I meant by internet connection was how do you connect to your ISP? (satellite, cable, FIOS ect…)

NAT type 2 is good, it’s open & secure. Type 1 is fully open but unsecure, Type 3 is closed. I also wouldn’t recommend setting your router to DMZ, it would leave all your ports exposed.

The reason you switched from NAT 2 to NAT 1 and back is due to switching from your router (NAT 2) to direct ethernet (NAT 1) than back to your router. It just means your router has a built in firewall.

That was hilarious. Especially Orendi’so “NOOOOOOOOkay.”