What the hell? :|

Trying to play today. No games. Patch download and installed but nothing seems to change. And this:

The hell is happening bro :0

and I was so happy because I wouldn’t feel the need of buying overwatch because of the new patch :frowning:

That’s odd but what does Overwatch have to do with the game?


Don’t you know? You’re not allowed to complain about Battleborn without mentioning “it”. It’s like, an unwritten rule around here lol :stuck_out_tongue:


cmon. We all here know and feel how this two games are rivalizing. Overwatchs public beta came out at battleborns release. And now, Battleborns first major update when overwatch comes out.

But if things starts to get messed up with the patch, it’s going to be a big, big, BIG, fail to the counter.

It don’t look good, you are probably best sending this to support if you want feedback, would probs avoid the OW reference in the ticket tho :slight_smile:

Not sure what causes this, but I’ve had it happen twice to me. First time I just restarted my box and it went away, second time it went away later that day. I wouldn’t stress over it, personally.

If the patch isn’t working though, then you won’t be able to join matchmaking, and I’d uninstall and reinstall.

Oh please, you silly. The Overwatch threat completely invalidates any post a person could make. I mean, it’s great that you’re having fun with Battleborn, but if you’re going to just disappear into another game for something so minor then you were never very into this game or invested in its community in the first place.

See, I hope you do have fun with whatever you continue to do. I don’t think anyone deserves to be miserable. And I hope that these issues get fixed. It’s just that throwing around threats like that make you look so much like a first world baby that it’s actually bad for you.

You’d be better off editing the Overwatch part out of your post and just letting it stand as a bug report.


Never meant to threat anyone. You can see I made a post a two weeks ago arguing how this game CAN compete against overwatch, about how it isn’t the same thing, and how I love this game. I’m worried about this patch being a fail because of bugs, crashes or queue times and matchmaking. I’m already noticing higher wait times since ow launched and I really want this game to succeed.

This looks like something didn’t sync right with the servers. I don’t have a PS4 but is there like a network restart you can do? Maybe a cache clear?

I’m thinking its the server thing because it looks to only have happened to the titles you have unlocked (unless there was unlocked ones off screen that have it too).

Edit: OH! Also try toggling the language settings.

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Sorry I overreacted, then. I take it back. I won’t edit it because that would be cowardly. It’s just that having come from the Steam forums, which have been overrun with toxicity thanks to Overwatch players, I was a bit on the defensive. It was very much a twitch response. I can have those sometimes, it’s an anxiety thing.

So accept an earnest apology. I can get reactions like that if I’ve been in a bad situation and then something else reminds me of that bad situation, and I’m not always proud of them. I’m not sure whether to pin it on my anxieties or my autism, or both. It’s a thing that happens.

Again, sorry.

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