What the... killed me?

No idea what killed me here but it is the second time it has happened in quick succession. Play has been a little buggy recently.

Any Ideas?

Also had this odd health bar a few times:

The answer is in here …


Even as statues, annointed are annoying as heck dumb yelling sounds continue and if you break it too fast radiation explosion if exposed before to rad dmg…


Does your shield have a rad anointment? Mine was killing me too and the solution was to wait a sec before smashing them.

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Thanks all, hadn’t seen that thread. Yep, ASE rad shield.

Weird that green overlay on the enemy health bar too

you can see the nova wave rolling out after you hit him.

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I just realize something…

Wouldn’t Facepuncher work against them while keeping a good distance away from them? Hot dang I didn’t realize this especially since I have nothing mapped for Melee due to button limitations (and sacrifice) in what to keep and remove

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I thought that too, but is an eridian melee action, same as on chests etc, so I don’t think a FP would work.

Aw… well… there goes that idea XD
Though Facepuncher would’ve have more usage for someone like me who needs that extra ps4 button in form of a gun lol

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A cool new anointment could be ‘on ASE convert x% of gun damage to melee damage’

That’s hilarious. 1st thing that popped into my head “Us Yellowbeards are never more dangerous than when we’re dead”

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Well now that’s an old reference, very good on yah! Besides being a fun Graham Chapman movie, it’s also one of the best David Bowie cameos!

Oh, and I’ve said “What the hell killed me!!!” more times in this game than any other BL game…

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I dont follow directors and I cant say I remember Bowie in it. I have a LOT of movie reference flashes though :slight_smile:

Very quick appearance, when the pirates are in the captain’s cabin he comes in, covered in kelp, to report on the hull condition and make a suggestive remark or two. Easy to miss.