What the remaster fixed (improvements/bugs abridged)

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So recently i learned that i write too much in a run-on sentence kinda way. This may have affected the reception of some of my past posts. Among these posts is my first thread on this forum.

I will now try and condense the collective of possible borderlands changes Into 2 posts. These 2 posts, or categories, are bugs, and improvements. Bugs are more things considerd to be objectively wrong with the game, while improvements are just changes people feel would improve the experience. Its going to be long (literally), but hopefully more bearable to read than my original thread, and more quoteable to boot!


Green = fixed/changed in the remaster

• Make the General Knoxx armory quest truly repeatable.

• Get rid of fall damage (like Borderlands 2).

• Get rid of claptrap mission call outs, replace with

Exclamation point map markers for quests(added for base game only).

Add mission log with different icons for story quests and side missions, (like BL2).

• Add the closeup gun view (like BL2).

• Make the skill tree show which skills are being buffed by class mods (like BL2).

• Have grenades show actual damage values (like BL2).

• Make playthrough 2.5 repeatable, or create a third repeatable and scaling playthrough in place of playthrough 2.5. Possibly overpower levels?

Auto pick-up of money and ammo , car included (like BL2).

• Maybe examine items/pick up/interact while in the car?

• Crawling in fight for your life (like BL2).

Mini-map that rotates based on the direction you are facing (like BL2).

• Fast travel in DLC’s and loading in from area entrances (like BL2).

4 player splitscreen.

• Including a swap stash (like BL2).

Have a buy all ammo button

• Make every claptrap in both playthroughs and afterwards guaranteed to give you a backpack SDU.

If you wander too far from talking NPC, keep dialogue audible through your echo (like BL2).

• Add a melee proficiency.

• Get rid of baron flynt’s excavator’s deathwall.

• Higher visible money cap, it maxes pretty quickly.

• Make car health regen percentage based so it’s not broken on higher levels.

• Make health vials heal based on percentage (like BL2).

Make vendors and brush not disappear after moving like an inch away from them.

• The beginning areas like Fyrestone and skag gully have enemies that spawn far too often. Keep at the same rate as the rest of the game.

• Make all quests for certain areas available when you go to that area, like treacher’s landing.

• There is a delay put on melee attacks, and activating npc’s for dialogue triggered by prematurely activating before animations have concluded. Like, you cant meelee for a second after your melee attack has concluded.

Take reloading away from the interact key (E) (like BL2). Screws up MANY firefights.

• Make turrets and vehicles not take melee damage (like BL2).

• Make Roland’s turret stay in fight for your life/reclaimable

• Have an option to un-censor clit beer billboards, possibly turn all beer in all borderlands games into clit.

• Increase buyback space, save buyback through traveling to different areas, if possible through exiting game sessions.

• Change underdome to give guns and xp, let players set their own rounds with their own choice of the provided mutators, like the pre sequel.

• Let the siren jump while phasewalking

• Let bosses take Damage Over Time effects, at least of their corresponding elemental weakness.

• Create a way to read the tooltips besides load screens, or have an option to have to press space to continue, like the new Doom.

• Buying or selling items lags the entire game for other players when you play in splitscreen. (in all 3 games)

Please keep going into your inventory while airborne.

• Some non kill skills should get hud real estate upon activation (like BL2).

Include more menu options from borderlands 2, like FOV, uncapped framerate

Make the remaster 64 bit to eliminate memory bottlenecks plauging all games.

• Sniper rifles should behave more like in BL2, where there is no accuracy penalty when scoped.

• Create a fast travel map of pandora so the fast travel isnt just a difficult to navigate list of locations.

Some of these might come off as blunt, but that’s only so they can be as short as possible. If you want to hear slightly more in-depth explanations on these changes, they are probably in my old thread.

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(Lumpy Chump) #2

This second post is going to be dedicated to bugs.


• Level 69 gear doesn’t drop, save for the item of the day in vendors.

• Equipped guns show a lower level on their card than their actual level.

On PC you can’t select your sniper rifle proficiency with your mouse.

• You can sometimes not save on exit when you leave the game too early.

• You cannot scroll to read a quest when you are looking at it in the menu of a quest giver.

At least 2 legendary guns (draco and penetrator) are glitched to not be legendary.

• At least 2 guns (bitch and reaper) has a bugged legendary effect.

• Many class mods are bugged, and have a broken secondary effect. Also, the gunslinger (pistol) class mod has a sniper rifle skill.

The jackobs vending machine in jackobs cove is only active right after you complete its quest, then never again. Possibly make it jackobs only as well?

Some unique enemies do not re-spawn. They are listed in the original thread. (fixed for 9 toe’s skags, king wee wee)

• Echo messages’ audibility cuts out sometimes. It can be reset by going in and out of your inventory.

• Missions and rewards dont scale to your level on playthrough 2.5.

• The knoxx dlc only scales to level 55 in playthrough 2, until complete.

• Eridian rifles have a crooked sight if they don’t have a scope.

• Every setting returns to default when daylight savings happens.

• Voice chat for me is on by default, though it says its not. Have to toggle it on and off again.

The area to turn in the Catch-A-Ride! quest is confusingly small.

• When you hit the money cap, loading in can cause a glitch where it says you don’t have enough money to buy anything. Can be fixed by getting any amount of money.

Shadows can sometimes cause visual trailing. (FIXED: Its ambient occlusion

• Very rarely, on PC when you load into an area, your mouse sensitivity will be extremely small. You can leave the game, fast travel again, or alt tab to fix it.

• Some invisible walls/obstacles are wrong, like those next to some mountains in dahl headlands.

• When you buff your health or mag size with gear, they default to not full when you load into the game, or switch to a weapon. (also affects car boost with afterburner in BL2)

If a FOV slider does get introduced, some existing glitches include resetting when you get into a car, after you leave a game, and temporarily reset when you melee attack.

• If you get knocked down, and get a second wind from bloodwing, it will not give you health back from out for blood.

• Picking up the mine key mission is tricky sometimes because there is a bug where you get it, drop it, then get it again or something.

If you run, snow in the eridian promontory buzzes back and forth. Replacing it with the screen snow effect from BL2 wouldnt count as fixing it, in my opinion.

Wee wee’s super booster doesn’t tell you it boosts your health regen/gives you more health.

• When dead creatures are ragdolls, before they become still, they still make sounds.

• Some kill skills get buggy when you enter fight for your life.

• Marcus vending machines do not sell machine guns. Only the burst fire assault rifles.

If there is anything new, il add it directly to these posts. I just want these to be more organized and efficient. God forbid a dev would have loved to change something mentioned, only to have never read it because they couldn’t get through all of my run-ons.

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One that comes to mind is the Ridgeway roadblock that randomly either is there or ain’t. I’d like to see that thing stay gone after you’ve cleared it in the story.

I don’t know if it’s intentional so it would be an improvement or if it’s unintentional dropping it in the bugs and glitches category.

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(Lumpy Chump) #5

Im pretty sure that one is tied to 1) whether you have done the quest, and 2) if the current quest you are on takes place in the sunken sea. I totally agree, and wish Tbone Junction was more playable than it is. To me, its the best, but also the worst DLC. You get entertaining missions, and great new gear, but you also have to put up with incredibly annoying and repetitive driving portions without any fast travels. Sometimes it feels like there are really just 4 areas, and 2 ridiculously long loading screes to get to them. I literally only did the side missions once, every other time i only do the bare minimum to get through it faster.

Also i forgot to make this a reply when i posted it so sry if you just now got this info.

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With the remaster coming, I thought I’d just try to focus some thoughts. First off, YEEEEEEEEEEUU-

Second, Im probably going to try and color-code what the re-master changes or fixes, and what it doesn’t. I don’t want to delete fixed issues because I’ll be really frikin happy for every thing fixed, and it will be nice to keep track.

Third, I didnt even know this thread existed, so imma just link it because it’s very similar to mine.

(Jack T. Chance) #7

My opinion may be super unpopular here, but I don’t care. As I own the original game, and play it, on Xbox 360, I’ve benefitted for YEARS from the unintended, but never patched (on 360, anyway, due to MS’s Terms & Conditions they imposed on Gearbox & 2K Games) floor glitch in General Knoxx’s Secret Armory. Y’all know the one, the one that lets you sneak in through it as a “back door” to enter the Armory with NO time limit, so you can farm the chests to your heart’s content! :smiling_imp:

From the talk about the glitch all those years ago, I’m absolutely certain the glitch WAS patched on PC, and maybe even on PlayStation. It was MS’s policies that prevented Gearbox & 2K from patching it on 360.

But this new, updated 2019 edition is like a whole new game. I’m sure they’ve patched the glitch and closed the backdoor into the Armory, and to be honest, that’s a deal-breaker for me! Since it was never able to be patched for 360 players, I want the new updated edition to have the gameplay I remember!
Even though that gameplay wasn’t intended, it DID become a permanent part of the game on Xbox 360! It would be nice if players on Xbox Live, at the very least, were given the option to “opt out of” the fix, so we can have the glitch still present, as we remember the game. It’s been there in our copies of the game from the time Secret Armory of General Knoxx launched all the way up until today, so it would be a nice gesture to allow us the option to preserve that map the way it always was for us.

Just my 2 cents, For Whatever It’s Worth. I’m sure the game’s developers will tell myself and the others like me a big, fat “NO!” So, I’ll just keep on playing the original version without the new “upgrades” that in one important area for me will actually be a DOWNGRADE. :man_shrugging:

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(band) #8

Uh, the Farmory was never patched on PC. Not sure about PS3, but I’m fairly sure it never was either.

It’s still around in the Remaster too. The floor you drop through is a bit smaller, but you can still do it.

(Jack T. Chance) #9

Sinceriously? You just made my year right there! From all the talk back in the day, it sounded like a map patch was planned for all platforms and just couldn’t be released on Xbox 360 because Microsoft wouldn’t allow map changes in free updates, only in paid DLCs! I guess they just decided not to bother at all then! :rofl:

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(Rumplebunny) #10

Not only did they leave the farmory alone, but the AL of the Hyperion gift shop at the end of Robot Revolution has been seriously buffed. Check it out. :smiley:

(Lumpy Chump) #11

The hyperion gift shop was always my go-to. No need to drive across half a continent just for the chance of getting pearlecense. I never really like when new rarities are added anyways, theres only so many colors you can use.

(fosley) #12

I wrote some of these in another thread, but this thread might benefit as well. (EE) is enhanced edition. Not sure what others are abbreviating it as.

  1. (EE) When importing characters from regular BL1 to the EE, there are a ton of achievements that don’t get awarded upon entering the game even though you earned them on the character (I got 25/80 if I counted correctly, though several others were easy to re-acquire).

  2. Teleporting to a vehicle should automatically face the camera forward.

  3. There should be an option to make crouch a hold button instead of a toggle button. (Can do this in the config file by changing the crouch button’s primary command from “advancedbutton bAdvancedButtonAux1” to “Duck”.)

  4. A Claptrap stash (with more than 4 slots?) would be nice. (Like BL2.)

  5. (EE) The rotating minimap would feel better if it rotated instantly, instead of lagging a bit. (This is much worse in vehicle mode. I think it’s because it tracks the vehicle instead of the camera.)

  6. WASD and spacebar should work for navigating menus. These should be customizable for ESDF players.

  7. Rotating the mouse slightly while strafing shouldn’t kill sprint mode. The easiest way would just be to allow strafe-sprinting regardless of what the mouse does.

  8. (Fixed in EE) There should be an option to set vertical and horizontal sensitivities separately in the menu. (Can do this in the config file with LookRightScale and LookUpScale, though in EE these are still different by default for some reason.)

  9. There should be an option to make sprint toggle off when you press it again.

  10. There should be an option to require holding sprint to continue sprinting.

  11. (This is only a problem if a bug causes a quest to be active when it shouldn’t be.) If I have a quest with a turn-in, but the person is no longer there, there should still be a way to turn in the quest. Specifically on my character, I have Fix’er Upper and Seek out Tannis that can’t be turned in, even if I talk to those characters (Zed/Tannis) in other locations.)

  12. (EE) On the “Sell Junk” prompt, it should be possible to click Ok and Cancel with the mouse. Or just disable the prompt with an option somewhere.

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(Cybernetic Ghost of Pandora's Past from the Future) #13

I think that’s a side effect of using the Unreal Engine instead of ID Tech 6 or something with universal, all directions strafing that just kinda comes with using the old movement rulebook with your physics. Unreal Engine has wonky, weighty physics with it’s plugins like Havok and their focus on realism. I wouldn’t know, though. I just know that strafe sprinting is rarely implemented in games like this cause it isn’t deemed useful, and you can’t run-and-gun except forwards because of physics, lol.

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(So long, and thanks for all the fish!) #14

I think you’re right about it being an engine thing. It is so incredibly easy to kill sprint in all the Borderlands games. Even tripping on an edge of terrain that’s slightly off will slow you right down (or stop you outright.)

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(Cybernetic Ghost of Pandora's Past from the Future) #15

Borderlands 2 has significantly lighter gravity and even tends to clip your feet into a different path while walking. This is also why I think this is part of the reason. I think collision detection was just purely avoided rather than fixed outright in BL2 with rocks and stuff lacking collision boxes.

So many wonky engine issues, haha. These games would kill for some side sprinting. They’d make Zero way better. Roland wouldn’t be so slow. Lillith would be easier to use with jumping in phasewalk and sprinting.

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(So long, and thanks for all the fish!) #16

I get the impression that the lack of jump was deliberate to offset the nature of phasewalk. Could be wrong about that though.

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(Lumpy Chump) #17

If youve ever played immortal redneck, going back to borderlands afterwards is hard. The running in borderlands definitely makes it feel clunky, even sticky by comparison. IDK why people dont realize how much better mobility makes first person shooters. Also, I really do miss holding crouch.

I get why they took jumping from phasewalk. It was just the wrong move is all.

(Cybernetic Ghost of Pandora's Past from the Future) #18

So this might be off topic, but whoever is interested, 2K Support finally sent me back something about the game getting a patch for the screen tearing. It was definitely a generic response made for many people, but it did answer a lot.

" Thanks for reaching out to us in 2K Support.

Sounds like you’re running into the screen tearing issue? Fortunately, this is a known issue that the development team is well aware of and they are currently working towards a solution as we speak. We don’t have an exact date or time that this issue will be fixed, but rest assured it is being worked on.

We appreciate your patience and understanding with this. In the meantime, if you have any other questions for us, don’t hesitate to reach back out!

Take care,

2K Support"

So seems like they’re jumping on a lot of in game issues and taking their time with a patch. The Handsome Collection addressed this on like week 2, I think? Either way, seems like the silence and reassurance is a hint that this wasn’t the intentional finished product.

(So long, and thanks for all the fish!) #19

Don’t forget that any code changes have to go through certification with the various platforms, so it’s actually more efficient to get a bunch of fixes together rather than doing piecemeal updates. Frustrating for gamers, but it does mean one fix is less likely to break a previous one!

(Cybernetic Ghost of Pandora's Past from the Future) #20

It’s actually a really good thing. The Handsome Collection has had 3 patches in it’s lifetime. They were pretty fast and if i remember, Digital Foundry kinda stressed Gearbox (indirectly with fanfare) to make a quick(ish) fix on 1.02 for screen tearing. With it tho, they did address a TON of other issues and just called it done. Not everything was patched out and still isn’t, but almost anything that wasn’t Vannila bugs was pretty much fixed. This game is in a lot better shape than The Handsome Collection is, even after 1.02. it’s fine, but man could it run better.

I agree tho, and think they’re kinda just killing as many Psychos with one shotgun shell (lol) as possible. It’s in our best interests, since I’ll only have to update this game once.

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(kills Craw with Knoxx's Gold) #21

Not sure if this has been noted already, but it seeks they mostly fixed the Jakobs weapon machine in Jakobs cove. It now stays active, seems to sell leveled gear, and only sells Jakobs guns. Still sells other manufacturers COMs though!

Start farming Skullmashers and Unforgivens? No idea what the machine awesome level is…