What thing we want to change or what new we want to see in Battleborn Tap

ΑI hope the developers will read this post so let’s help them improve this game.

First I would like to add some daily missions such as tap x times, defeat x waves or use one specific ultimate x times so you may use characters that normaly wouldn’t use them

Second when you have the observer rode that give you +2 augments selection the window selection shows only the two from the fours. If there a chance to make it bigger so we can see all of them and don’t have to roll.

Third the game notify us when the free standard pack is ready to collect.

And to be remove the cheaters from the leaderboard.

Feel free to add your suggestions.

A slower push to shoot that is constant… I did the 200k taps achievement in one day and my fingers are… not as tired as I expected but still tired… -.-

Making it so the app doesn’t hang up/crash every time I watch a video for credits would make me more likely to sit through the ad videos. As it is now, I won’t even bother.

As for new stuff? After putting the missing Battleborn in, of course. I’d say put up some skins for our Battleborn that we can unlock. I’d be happy even if the requirements are outrageous, like 2000 credits or mythstones per skin or something.

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I find it silly that anyone plays this other than the possibility of actual game unlocks.

Seriously? $20 of credits for a skin? You should work for EA

It’s almost as if different people enjoy different things. I know, I know. Crazy, right?

And you can get credits in game without dropping a dime, but I suppose I should have made it more clear I was just spitballing ideas.

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Ability to view character abilities and gear prior to selection.

Agree with above post concerning a notification for the free pack.

Also above post with having daily challenges would be nice.

Of course as time progresses adding more battleborn.

For characters abilities and gear you can see them in one other post I made here.

There are a few things I hope to see changed or added. Not many really. I think it’s pretty fun, but it gets a little boring. So my suggestions are:

-Add daily challenges
-Make it possible to swap characters
-Make the artifacts cost a little less
-Add he rest of the Battleborn heroes to the roster

And that’s all really. Would really like these changes to happen. Otherwise, this is a great mobile game. :slight_smile: Thanks!