What Things Have You Still Never Done?

Actually i love Gaige! Haven’t played Krieg that much but he seems to be pretty fun aswell. Guess they are just different kind of chaotic that i like haha


Actually it was playing Nisha that convinced me to continue to not play Sal.

I put them in the same camp and by the time I got used to TPS, I realized how much I hated Nisha and went onto a real character ( Athena ).

It was this forum that got me fired up about Sal - so I hope we can fire you up too!


Gaige for me was how Sal was for you. I hated her, couldn’t understand why anyone liked her, but being on these forums reading people post about the amazing x, y and z they did with that character, you can’t help but get curious to try it again.

As you know I only started a Gaige fairly recently, and even though i’m still not convinced, I certainly wouldn’t say she’s bad anymore.


I’ve finally picked up TPS (and avoided Nisha) just recently, so i might give him a shot once i get back to BL2. There are still so many things i want to do in both games and keep discovering new ideas here. :slight_smile:


FWIW, I started a Sal just to see what he was about and not expecting to go too far with him; he’s now my highest VH @ OP 7 and now I want to tweak his build strictly for raiding. He’s not the favorite of my VH’s and I do find his playstyle to be kinda boring overall (apologies to hard-core Sal fans) but he does have his moments.

And it is entirely possible to play Sal without either a Grog or DPUH…mine uses an off-hand Rubi and a selection of Hyperion shotguns and still shreds whatever I point him at with relative ease.


This may change your mind :thumbsup:


At this very second I’m playing Sal with an Unforgiven & Law and a Hammer Buster & Gatling Gun and I’m flying around Magnys’ Lighthouse popping crits into Scarlett’s mercenaries’ heads.

And having a blast!


I have the gear for Deputy Sal, I just haven’t tried it yet.

EDIT - saying he’s boring may be a bit too harsh; there are times when he’s an absolute blast, like when he fought the Warrior in TVHM, got a big money-shot chain with a Conference Call early in the fight and wiped out about 80% of the Warrior’s health bar in less than a second. I swear, the whole fight took no more that 12 seconds…EASILY my fastest ever Warrior kill.

  1. There are no map challenges left at that point. Why would you not have already done them two quests earlier for the cookie training quest?
  2. The way I do the Torgue DLC, there are no red chests either. I start the session with Eat Cookies and Crap Thunder, and end with fetching the key to the Forge. So the red chests are already open.

Trash mob xp is negligible compared to quest xp, so I really don’t care about missing out on killing all those Torgue-skinned loaders a second time.

I thought that until I saw Nisha, and to a lesser extent Wilhelm. If TPS had more DLCs to break up the monotony I probably would play Wilhelm at some point.


For me it’s Gaige. I finally made my first Gaige some time ago (last winter or autumn or something) and played her all the way to level 6 before I quit. It’s hard to play a character that I care nothing about. Nisha is also on my list but one of these years I’ll finally try and see how well her melee skills hold up and what kind of a mess that build ends up being.

So for the topic I’ve never completed the game once as Gaige.


Lightbulb moment! I can actually do something interesting with Nisha?

I think a visit to the TPS forum is in order.

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She was my first toon … I couldn’t resist to the idea of whipping my co-op partner I used to play at this time. :smiling_imp:

For me it was Claptrap’s Pirate Ship Mode that was the irresistable “I must do that ASAP!” draw to a TPS character. :bldancing: :sailboat: :skull_crossbones:

There’s really nothing about Nisha that appeals to me though. The action skill, the Wild West flavor, the character herself … just not interested.


But… she has a hat? Surely that’s enough!? :smiley:


And a whip. A whip !!! :smile:



  • I’ve done all the raid bosses but never soloed Vermi or Vora. As I don’t particularly like soloing raid bosses they’re not high on my priority list. I’ve used OP8 gear to get some OP3 Interfacers from Vora.
  • Never soloed final rounds of any OP Slaughter circle with Zer0 or Gaige.
  • My highest Salvador is 50.
  • There’s a few of the Tubby Pearls I’ve never seen. I think I got a Carnage but can’t remember what I’ve done with it.
  • Never spawed OOO solo.
  • Butt Stallion hasn’t excreted a legendary, nor have the Sanctuary vendors (got one from Tina’s though).
  • I’d like to finish the Peak with my no red text OP8 Siren (I did manage a Rough Rider Peak run with Maya).

On the subject of rare things, I have seen Wilhelm call down a Constructor. I suspect this is more likely in coop. And I say ‘seen’ with some hestitation because I was extraordinarily drunk when it happened and actually had to check with @FunkJunkie to find out whether or not I’d dreamed it (yes… I do dream about Pandora sometimes).


Butt Stallion trolled me with a Legendary. The only one i’ve got from her, was a KerBlaster. You know, that ultra hard to obtain Assault Rifle? :rolling_eyes:


I’ve never completed the Sorcerer Slaughter.

I’ve only solo’d Terra once in UVHM, and haven’t fought Vora, Dexi, or Gee at all

I’ve not finished even NVHM with Sal, Axton, or (for not much longer) Kreig

I only saw Michael Mamaril for the first time a couple of weeks ago


I’m sure his appearance rates are lower now than at the start. On Xbox 360 i’d see him pretty much 3-4 times a week, now I might see him once a month (Xbox One, Handsome Collection). Might just be RNG, or that I used to hunt for him and now I don’t bother, or both.


he’s likely been in Sabctuary dozens of times I missed, just happened to catch him near Marcus while doing a vendor sweep with the Kreig I’m working on now.

I took this as a sign that I should be playing Kreig