What Things Would You Like To See In The Next Brothers In Arms?

While we keep waiting for news …

In an effort to rekindle group activity and provide some feedback, I’ve thought of bringing up for discussion what things and improvements you see as necessary for Matt Baker’s next game.

After replaying the whole saga I have some ideas.

(There are aspects that I do not see necessary to touch now, because I assume that they have been treated with due care to part of the identity of the saga, such as sound, graphics, characters and story quality.)

Lets start.

  1. The first refers to the story. On Hells Highway we saw how an emotional deconstruction affected Matt Baker’s life, but nevertheless we did it only during cinematic videos. I would like that psychological aspect to be noticed also in the gameplay; from how the protagonist orders maneuvers to the squad, even in the physical aspect of the face.

  2. Regarding the combat, I would like to see some things:

  • Return to the difficult aiming of the first two games, where non-stationary weapons moved a lot. This added difficulty and realism.

  • Enhance enemy AI. It was just awful on Hells Highway. Not only they should improve their reactions after you flank them, but they must also attack in other ways (as with grenades).

  • Less linearity and more alternative paths. On Hells Highway, there was at times no form of flanking, while at other times there was only one.

  1. Variety of levels. As we await the offensive in the forest of the Ardennes, hopefully we will not always find ourselves in the same environments and landscapes. Hopefully we´ll not always fight to the neck of snow and we also attack cities, towns, factories or enemy bases. I think it failed a bit for this on Hells Highway, where structures like streets, houses or churches (I remember well) were even repeated twice.

  2. Enhance destruction. Knocking down the parapets on Hells Highway was very comforting, but many times it was not enough given the stiff boundary in certain structures. Hopefully in the new delivery we can destroy houses or blocks with the correct armament.

  3. Add more global difficulty. For example, making allied soldiers more vulnerable; If any of them die, I think a good “punishment” could be the restart of the whole level. Also adding limited ammunition, both for you and your companions, seems an interesting idea.

  4. More and greater presence of the soundtrack. In addition to listening to it during cinematic videos, we shoult also listen the music during the main combats.

  5. (Dismissable) If Gearbox dares to have a multiplayer mode, please make an original one according to the personality of the saga, not one biased to the Call of Duty. 1v1 battles between players and their respective bot squads for each one could be a good idea.

So to finish, and wishing to see an official announcement of the game soon, I ask you what aspects or improvements you think it needs the fourth and next big installment of the Brothers in Arms series. More improvements or drastic changes perhaps? Cheers!


-A good and realistic storytelling, just like the one of the previous games
-A good, photorealistical depiction of the game environments, just like in RtH30
-NO 3RD PERSON COVERS! (This is the feature I hated the most in HH…There’s a lot of ways to make a
First person cover system)
-PERFECT WEAPON MODELS. in 2017, it’s not acceptable to make badly and unrealistically modelled
That’s all, for now.


Ya’ll made a very interesting point so here are my ideas to boost it-


  • A realistic game should also includes wounded so your men can be shot and stay alive but being wounded will affect their ability. That’s why you should have a medic in the squad. After watching Arma3, I saw you can carry your buddies into covers
    -More destruction
    -More animations for the squad, including the ones the Gearbox took out during the preview for Hell’s Highway like catching your buddy after he was shot and watching your squad helping each others when one of them tripped and fall.
    -More communication between characters during combats and environments.
    -More flanking paths
    -The game should includes a command cycle which you won’t just command only three teams.
    -Set a waypoint for a team to follow so you don’t have to be right behind them and lead them while they go and fight to get to the waypoint that you’ve set on a map while you are busy leading another team. This is what team leaders are suppose to do.
    -Better squad commands (they should bring back the charge command like in the previous games)

I think that is all I have. Looks like a lot of good ideas here though

I like most of what you posted, with the exception of No. 6. No music during combat, please. That’ll take away from the ‘authentic’, immersive experience.

And no. 7… we’ll definitely need AI squads led by human players.

Return to the difficult aiming of the first two games, where non-stationary weapons moved a lot. This added difficulty and realism.

I should add that I agree with this A LOT. I liked Hell’s Highway, but not nearly as much as the first two games. This was a big reason why - my rifle shouldn’t be “perfectly accurate.” At least in the sense that there’s no sway.

I shoot a lot, almost every other weekend, and I can tell you that almost every firearm is ‘perfectly accurate’ when you’re shooting from a bench - not so much if you’re standing and shooting. It’s fairly difficult to hit anything smaller than a man-size target with a light-recoiling AR-15 at 100 yards - but in the game I can make hits on the top of a dude’s head poking above cover? Even at 50 yards, standing and shooting a soda bottle with an AR isn’t all that easy. And I’m not getting shot at! Gets a little better when kneeling, better still when prone. The problem with making the weapons more accurate (for discussion purposes we’ll assume that ‘more accurate’ actually means less sway) is that it takes away much of the need to flank the enemy. And if you take away the need for flanking, you take away what makes BIA special. At that point, you might as well be playing COD.

Something else I’d like to see them change is the red screen. It’s an interesting game mechanic, but what sucks about it is Hell’s Highway was a graphically beautiful game - but when the screen is red, you can’t see how pretty everything is. I’d rather they do a blurred screen around the edges, kind of like the first two games. Even if that mechanic only works with a ‘health meter’ for your character, I’d rather have that than the red screen. IMHO, it took away A LOT from the immersive experience.


It’s been ages since I’ve played a WWII FPS, so I was sucked into pre-ordering COD:WWII. It is essentially simulated laser tag, themed WWII.

I’ve fired authentic WWII weapons and fired a few automatics at events. Anyone who has done so as well, will attest to the “walk” that a 9mm caliber and higher SMG will have being fired in full auto. I fire my bolt action, WWII, K98 regularly and can tell you, your 5-10 deg. Skyward after firing a round. COD:WWII is so horribly innacurate with weapon reqoil, I can’t see myself playing this game beyond BETA.

It’s been 12 years since EIB, and I must admit I was very disappointed with HH. I can’t get much excited anymore for a BIA game. But I hope Pitchford has something brewing in the lab that will prove me wrong. I hope Col. Antal is currently in Belgium, schooling son devs. On the Bulge.

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Hmmm… Milwaukee AK-47?

No, I’m GERMANYLIVES or FIRSTGERMAN back in the day. I played Milwaukee AK-47 lots though.

Ha, you sure that’s not just another XBL account? :wink:

I remember playing you: OccurredStone.

Hell’s Highway still don’t have health bar, The red screen is just a warning of you almost getting shot. The closer a bullet, the redder the screen will gets. The game manuel for Hell’s Highway is called, “The threat indicator” thereby, it suppose to show an authentic of getting shot and killed by a couple of bullets.

I was thinking of them putting back that white halo side when you caught an close encounter with a bullet in the first two games but naah

Yes I understand what the purpose of the red screen was - I played the game, bruh.

It just wasn’t my favorite thing ever.



Ok, I guess I miss understood you there. Just pointing it out.

And also, don’t call me bruh please.

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Dude - you’re about 30 days late on the response. WTF?

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