What time does Directors cut release?

Im currently at 8:28 whatever nyc time is.
Is the directors cut available?

I wanted to start a new toon and see the story fresh

The ‘Show me the Eridium’ pre-DC event runs until 8:59 am pacific time, so my guess would be around 9:00 am pacific. Keep an eye on the BL3 News section, as there should be a new announcement there for both the DC and the expected update.

Edit: NYC is eastern, which is 3 hours ahead of pacific, so it would be around noon for you.

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Thank you! I been looking foward to new story for the main one for awhile. Cant wait to see the new stuff n reroll anoint machine.

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Does anyone know if theres a lvl cap increase?

There is none. If there were, you would know by now, plus GBX have stated that they are quite happy with 65 as the final level cap for the foreseeable future.

It’s downloading for me now.

Official thread now up and open:

Note the ‘by noon PST’ - actual availability may very by region and platform, but that should be the latest.