What time does double XP start?

Curious as to what time the double xp will start Friday.

It says…
START: Friday, May 20 at 8am PDT
END: Wednesday, May 25th at 8am PDT

I’m assuming this is American time?
Is it Los Angeles time?

I probably do a time conversion based on that, for whatever location you are at…
Rough guess!

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Wow, how did I miss that. If it was a snake, it would have bit me lol. Thanks!! And yes, that’s Los Angeles time

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I dont really see the point of bonus exp besides letting new player catch up. There really isnt anything to rush forward after 20 unless you want to unlock other heros but that really doesnt take that long. Should have gave us bonus credit cash outs instead.

Less reason for people to buy the Season Pass with a double credit weekend.

There still the packs and hero keys with season pass. Bonus credits are just gonna let us by more packs, higher chance to get t1 skins and taunt in that time span. Not like they not hard enough to get already. Also help player get more gear slots in the bank.