What time EXACTLY does Designer's Cut come out?

I saw Moxsy post we have about 8 hours until it comes out, so is it true? Because my country doesn’t use PST time so time gets confusing

8 hours from your time of posting doesn’t sound quite right to me. It comes out 5 AM PT which is in about 3 hours (a little less than that) from now. If you are in the UK, it’ll be at 1 PM.

A bit of advice for the topic: If you just google a time from a different timezone it’ll translate it into yours, so for instance when I google 5 AM PT I get 14:00 (because I live in the GMT+1 timezone and also we don’t do the whole am/pm stuff here).


This should help:

What’s the purpose of the News section if it’s always behind from Twitter? Or are we supposed to be always relying on Twitter instead?

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Acording to Google 13:00 UK/Portugal :+1:

I’m not seeing it in Xbox Live Store. It’s 5:03 am PST now.

Nvm I saw it now

Not on Epic yet.

Not on Steam, too.

Its out on PSN, I’m installing as we speak.

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I have purchased it from Epic but it is saying that it is unavailable to download. Anyone else seeing this?

Probably because the patch isn’t out yet. On the bright side, at least it let you buy it already.