What time is BL3 going to be on at E3

Just looking for the times that BL3 going to be on at E3 or is gearbox going to have a BL3 stream going???

I’ve been looking for a schedule, but haven’t found a complete one yet. I would suggest keeping an eye on the official Borderlands twitter and fb feeds for updates.



As @VaultHunter101 suggested keep an eye on social media.

However I’ve scoured many posted E3 2019 schedules and neither 2K or Gearbox is listed but one site I checked out thought “they” might appear with the Microsoft event, which is, you guessed it…

June 9th! (dlc release date)
So clear your schedule for all of Sunday, I guess :man_shrugging:

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Full schedule here: https://2kgam.es/BL3atE3



They just dropped the schedule on Twit.

10 AM: PC Gaming show
3 PM: AMD Next Horizon
5:15: Twitch at E3