What time of day will battleborn release?

Hi, i know Battleborn comes out on May 3rd but, what time of day does it release? Does it come out at 12:01 am on the 3rd or does it come out at noon like steam says? (EST for me)

That…is an excellent question. I wanted to pick mine up at midnight, but if I can’t play till noon I’ll be going to bed.

yea i hope one of the gearbox people see this, i was planning on taking a day off to play on the 3rd, but if it comes out at noon i rather just wait till the next day lol.

They still didnt mention a specific time. So my guess is that the steam time (18:00 CEST for me) is a standard release time they use for all games that dont have a set time.

Lets hope it will be a midnight release :smile:

I would also love to know the answer to this. If it releases at midnight PST, that’s 3 am for me, I’ll probably just go to bed and get up early. Or at least that’s what I’ll tell myself. I’ll end up playing until 5-6 am <.<

fingers crossed.

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This is a great question. It’ll also be good to know if all servers go on at once or if it’ll stagger based on region/time zone.

Called the GameStop by my house I live in AZ they said they are scheduled to do an early release at 9pm Monday night. You are all welcome :slight_smile:

But is that when the servers go online? That’ll be fine for preloading the game, but it doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll be able to play at that time

I guess we will hear more in the next few days. :slight_smile:

I’m so hyped, I can’t wait :smile:

yea because its 11 am for me pst on 4/26 and steam says the game is available in 7 days and one hour. That means noon pst for me on the 3rd so idk

Why would GameStop pay an exclusive rate for early release if you can’t even play it at that time? Doesn’t make sense. And with borderlands it was available at 12:01

I’m assuming a midnight release but it’d be awesome if it was earlier. I could play as soon as I walk in the door Monday night after work.

Gearbox released the launch times!


Am i seeing this right …?!?

PC: May 2 at 11:00PM BST

So … i’ll be able to play even before midnight ? Nice :open_mouth:
And now i’m regretting not taking the day off :dukecry:

WOOT! Thank you for the share, you’re the best! <3

No problem :smile: The more people who know, the more people to play when the launch time comes

■■■■ its still noon on the 3rd for me godamnit

is 12:00 am midnight or noon

am is midnight. pm is noon.

Had to google it to make sure I had it right o.x