What time will BL3 be available on 9/13?

I have preordered the game and I know I will be able to play it on 9/13, but I was wondering if there was a time restriction. IIRC, Battleborn was released at 3 am EST/midnight PST but still needed to download, which took a few hours, before I was able to play.

Will I have to wait until the 13th PST to download the game and will I have to wait until the 13th PST to play? Just trying to plan my day of mayhem.

I doubt anyone can tell you for sure. My policy is that on the 14th I can play for sure.

Your local time at midnight.

I don’t know your set up but if you have the digital and pre download it you should be able to play on the 12th. I am planning to pre download on the 11th and play at midnight on the 12th if all goes well!

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That is the goal, but last time I did that I wasn’t able to play until about 3 am

Yea there is always the chance of a day one patch or something else but all we can do is cross are fingers and hope! Good luck to you!

I ordered the hardcopy from GameStop, while they told me it’s not certain, they think I’ll be able to pick it up before the 13th…get the files downloaded then play it on the 13th…you know it’s a FRIDAY woooo

You can always start without a patch :slight_smile:

True if your playing off line which as far as I know is an option with this game. But I’ll be paying with friends so I’ll need all patches and updates done. Suck but it is what it is.

For PC players, unfortunately there will be no pre-loading. We’ll have to wait for the full game to download when it releases. The joy of Epic exclusive release, sigh.