What to do after level 50

So a bit of an ignorant question here but ive just been wondering – (Sidenote: i’ve never gotten past 50) What do you do after level 50, is it limited to only doing the dlc, or do magical things happen lol. Thanks for your help guys!

You collect loot!

You start another character and eventually work all the characaters up to 50.

Um … with both level cap increases the top level is now 70.

…and … yeah … collect all the cool weapons.

not much, in the pre sequel

the idea would be to farm for loot, do raids, kill bosses, complete challenges, etc.

but the reality is the game loses its allure after level cap, with very little to do

ok cool thanks guys!

You could always build up gear for an allegiance run, or maybe a rainbow run.

You could pick a weird skill to focus on, or a set of skills from a certain COM or something, and build a specialized character around that.

You could go search for ways to break the map (one of my favorite STALKER tricks) and get outside the playable area. In other words, break the game.

You could pursue a 100% completion for challenges.

You could try to complete EVERY side quest in the game.

You could go to the firing range on Deck 13.5 (if you have the appropriate DLC) and test odd gear combinations. You know, make sure that 31.5% increase in blah-blah-blah is actually 31.5%.

Use your imagination. There’s LOTS to do, if you’re up to it.