What to do at level 50?

i finally made it to level 50 but im unsure of what to do now. am i supposed to do tvhm so i can kill bosses for loot, or do i activate mayhem mode and just farm the circle of slaughter quests until i get the gear i need to make a decent build?

No set way. I have TVHM storyline set for coop with my wife and run mayhem 3 on normal for whatever I want to do myself. I usually go kill every boss and try to find us some loot to you. If bored I will run a slaughter or start a new character.

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how do you go back to kill bosses on normal mayhem?

Just use your fast travel/map. On Pandora I will go to Destroyers Rift for Tyreen, or Great Vault for Troy, Eden 6 you have Graveward and Aurile(sp?), Promethea there is KillaVolt, Gigamind, Katawamajama(lol), etc,…

Usually takes me about an hour to run through most mini/main bosses.

And make sure you have lots of room in your backpack, you will be getting legendarys like crazy.

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a good gun drop is equal with guardian rank . i found a gun is i never ever seen during i am newbie.
all my firend in mys social said its couz guardian rank . i really just got mini gun drop and that real mini gun its about 140 ammo in magazine. and no wind up time.


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Once you finish normal mode, you can freely swap back and forth between Normal and TVHM from the menu. You also unlock Mahyem, which can be changed in sanctuary.

So simply make sure your set to normal mode, set your mayhem to a desired level, and then just port to whatever boss you want to farm. Kill boss, exit to main menu, hit continue and repeat until your fingers bleed.

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thanks for the help everyone!

Just farm the bosses and run and kill stuff, try out new builds.
Except you cant! Because you will run out of storage space after a few hours and cant keep your legendaries


honestly, go through tvhm doing just the story quests and save all the sidequests for after your finish the main storyline. then go mob all the sidequests at mayhem 3 for the level 50 unique quest rewards,once done with that, go 100% all the areas. that is what I’m doing until the free dlc releases.


This is what I found to be very enjoyable. Doing the side quests in Mayhem mode adds a much better experience to them.

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For me that’s when my character starts the side quests in mayhem mode. I don’t like just getting “Harder” I like weirder, and I want to explore the world more fully.

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