What to do until lvl 72 after completing uvhm

I noticed that a lot of players don’t know what to do after killing the warrior in uvhm and keep running through digistruct peak.

for those who don’t know you can reset the uvhm playtrough after loading a character.

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UVHM is when I finally do everything I wanted to do; normal mode and TVHM are just preambles before the real game really begins.

indeed :smile: normal and tvhm are kind of a warmup

such a shame. DP is great, but the amount of content is huge in this game.

It’s wierd I only have one character at 72, and that character has just finished Eridium blight, my level 59 has only just rescued Roland, and I have purposefully started the Tuny Tina DLC to farm a new MM, and my 60 has only just completed the mission to get back to Sanctuary after it goes walkabout.

Admittedly I have spent some time on each character getting better loot from the Mercenary Day Pack, maybe 2 levels at the most on my 72, but other than all of them doing he Mercenary Day DLC (and one of them now starting Tiny Tina) I don’t see me finishing UHVM before 72

What sort of level are people completing the content at?

I haven’t needed to complete the main story for a third time after taking one of my characters through the DLCs including the headhunter packs in UVHM to reach 72.

For example, I just recently reached 72 with Krieg having not even started Torgue’s Campaign and only having just reached Sawtooth cauldron. I’d finished the main story quests of Nakayama’s DLC, Captain Scarlett’s and Tiny Tina’s including a smattering of sides from each.

It’s worth it to get some decent gear between level 50 - 72. Farming for bee shields in the Forest and killing loot midgets in doctor’s orders will net you a few levels.

it didn’t happen to me either because of all the dlc content and the side quests. but yeah there are people that just run through the main story line and finish around lvl 60. I got this question from a few psn friends so that’s why I started the topic.