What to do when op8?

So i just got to op8 with my 72 gunzerker, have most op8 gear all i really want/need is a op8 sandhawk but thats about it, i know i should do dlc, some other bosses but gimme a list someone i dont want bl2 too get boring for me, thanks!

Here’s one of my favorites: screw with Scavengers. Those dudes are burly, and their AI forces them to pursue loot on the field. Go tear through a map that you know has Scavengers in it. Kill everything except the Scavenger, and pick up all the otherwise useless loot while you do it. Then throw the loot in dangerous places, or make a bread crumb trail of loot to get him to somewhere dangerous. I’m partial to environmental hazards, but pick your favorite.

In Lynchwood, I like to trick them into going on the train track; the timing is fairly difficult, but it’s funny as hell when they get knocked across the map. Also, with the Field Rats up by the grinders, I’ll toss a bunch of loot under the grinder, and the rats will run down there constantly and try to get it. The grinders don’t kill them, but knock them around pretty good when they slam down.

In Sawtooth Cauldron, I’ll lure Scavengers near cliff edges. Salvador has some skill where he punches enemies with a knockback (I don’t recall the name). Lure a Scavenger near a cliff and wait for it to take the bait, jump down, and knock him off the edge (same goes for Thousand Cuts). Depending on where they spawn, I may toss loot into Thresher nests too… the Scavenger can’t resist, and gets tore up pretty bad. :laughing:

Firemelon? Exploding barrels? Still fun.

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There’s plenty to do in BL2. I played it for 2 years before Destiny (the ultimate disappointment in gaming) and am glad to be back!

First off, your Sal doesn’t need, or even want a sandhawk. Your Salvador wants a high DPS weapon in his right hand, and a healing Moxxi weapon in his left. I would suggest a slag elemental Rubi in your left slot, with your best DPS weapon in your right. It will make your Zerker an unstoppable beast who constantly regenerates health while dealing the max DPS you can. Second, having a slag elemental weapon in your offhand will give you about 3x damage in ultimate vault hunter mode, when your enemy is slagged. Third, your shield doesn’t even matter for general game play. You could probably even remove it all together and not have a problem if you stick to the Moxxi Rubi and DPS gun combo while gunzerking.

Fourth, you’d be surprised how fast Sal can take out raid bosses :wink:

You picked a great class, but you should learn to use him. And when you’re done with him, try another class and see what you can do with them as well. One of my personal fav’s is the mechro.

Good luck out there in the Borderlands!

Ahahah yeah i think im good without sandhawk, and man i have all the good ■■■■. i love using a grog nozzle and a harold both op8 with my gunzerker. im gunna play through the dlcs and get all the bosses. i have all classes except mech and my siren is 72 also. i love psychos and assassins aswell, i pretty much love em all so yeah thats fun. and haha hey i play destiny aswell man, have from the start. we’re complete opposite, i started with destiny and you started with borderlands and we swapped, when i got all exotics and 3 characters 32 i had no point to play this game untill the new dlc thats coming, so i bought borderlands, best decision ever i love b2 and pre sequel so good and fun.