What to do with cash after fully upgrading SDU's

as the title suggests

Ive got more than enough money to replenish ammo and i think ive played moxxi’s machines 2000 times but what else to spend money on?

nothing really

Take Moxxi out to a realllllly nice dinner and hotel. Then buy Pandora.


Go crazy at the firing range

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Hello i have a problem my lvl guardian is bugged im 191 and it said im 119 -72 whats wrong??

Absolutely nothing. Giant waste just like past games. Same goes for eridium too, tbh. Sure when you are going through the levels you can probably cop a few nice anointed from earls machine, but after 50 you are farming for anointed legendaries. Buying all the cosmetics you want or can only goes so long too, then eridium much like cash is a completely pointless item. They had 7 years to think of stuff to make the end game better and they gave us proving grounds, and the same dull arena’s everyone has hated on borderlands since Moxxi tortured us with them in a dlc from the first game :confused: pretty lame if you ask me.

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xD so whats wrong with my guardian lvl? i don´t undestand now im lvl up with no reward

Its becuase you’re playing offline or the game is.using the offline mode exp modifier.

Ex: Gravemind is 37k at Mayhem 3 online, 249k offline.

When you go back online the game figures out the mistake and tries to correct tself by giving negative points.

so im online 119 and offline 191?


The guardian system is stupid anyway…the categories I think are capped at 15%. Just get the perks, pick what thing you want to spend tokens on amd ignore it.

They should let you pay Moxxi by the hour to have her…hang out with you.



and whisper sweet nothings in your ear :heart_eyes::speak_no_evil::rofl:

or you should (as in BL 2)be able to drop around 70,000 into her Tip Jar and have her pull out a sweet Legend from her cleavage :wink:

We need a Diablo 3 type of a system when we need Eridium and cash to re-roll a particular stat on gear.

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I hope they address the cap. It is kinda bad to not be able to progess anuy futher. Make it 0.2 per point or something similar.

They will probably raise cap with dlc stuff. My rank is maxed right now too.

I have 2 mules with maxed cash, I just put it there so I can let people have some if they need it.

I’m at around 4k for eridium right now

Save it for the new bank SDUs that will eventually be coming.

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They said Guardian Ranks were an endless progression system. I guess they lied.


Flash dat doh at all the bandits you come across.

Invest in a competitive vending machine company. Marcus is slipping, he don’t have nearly enough venders.

Start up a skag meat hot dog stand. Or go big and do a food truck with rakk burgers and coleslaw.

South side Pandora represent for life!

Would be cool if we could purchase an upgradable luxury space yacht.

All this in the first 2 weeks the game is out too. They were woefully unprepared to sustain hardcore players tbh. Disappointing :confused:

Slot machines in Moxxies untill you get all the skins and heads an whatnot…after that…uhh… ::man_shrugging: