What to expect from "Mr Torgue Campaign of Carnage"?

So my friend and I finally made it to UVHM with Krieg and Gaige. We however still have a few things to do before we enter that…we have side missions to finish (the ones we saved till we finish the game for the best gear level.) We also made a promise to ourselfs after we finish the game once each time, that we’ll do one DLC.

When we first finish the game we did Captain Scarlett then moved onto TVHM, now this time it’s Mr Torgue.

Explosions. Legendaries from vendors. Sniper ■■■■■■■■■■■■■ bandits.

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If this is going to be your first time playing the Mr Torgue dlc get ready for a bit of over the top fun- Torgue is a complete buffon that loves to see stuff blow up- for which the VH love him dearly. :grin: Get ready to farm all 8 Torgue vending machines as Torgue makes great shotguns that both Krieg and Gaige can use to great effect, and their Item of the Day is always a Torgue legendary- but since his machines only take Torgue tokens, be prepared to enjoy one of the best XP farms in the game- the Barroom Brawl missions. Since I don’t want to give away too many spoliers, let me say that you should say Hi to Pyro Pete after you finish the campaign and that the last boss fight is a two part fight (with the first part far more difficult than the second)…

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The dialogue is pretty funny. You might enjoy the bar brawl or arena challenges where you have to kill enemies given a time limit. You are unlikely to enjoy the racing mission and the one where you have to fight helicopters. The mobbing zones (Beatdown, Southern Raceway, Forge) are okay-ish. You can easily farm for legendaries like the Unkempt Harold or the Kerblaster and there’s also the second-easiest raidboss.

EXPLOSIONS! Obviously, and this: (sorry for spamming fanart^^)

Torgues Campain of Carnage is my 2nd fave DLC, right after Assault on DragonKeep, for several reasons:

-Petes Bar is an exellent leveling area in mid-level range
-Callouts are hillarious!
-Possibility for spawning “Cobra”
-Badass OST (if you like old Guns´n Roses stuff)

Hope you guys will have max fun playing it!


You don’t spam fan art my lady :).

Oh, btw, we discover one of the worst enemies of Tina.

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Don’t forget Mister Torgue himself! He’s a badass and one of my favorite NPC’s.


That is amazing! Very cool! :smiley:


Thank you very much! Torgue is just the best and this quote needed to get visualized xD


Of course! He is my very fave NPC, he always reminds me of my dad xD

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Please take note that the opinions stated below are rather Negative. Read with Caution
While the DLC is funny, gameplay wise it’s my 2nd least favorite DLC in the Borderlands series due to:

1: I abhor the boss fights, almost all of them are boring and Rocket Heavy. The fact that all but one can be beaten without taking damage by exploiting cover makes them look poorly designed.
2: The main antagonist is essentially Handsome Jack with only two traits: Hypocritical and Musclebound.
3: The reward at the end for me never occurred at all due to a Gltich… And I beat it 3 Jack-Dammed times!
4: Good… ***kin’… Luck getting the Cobra without Modding…
5: Certain maps Crashed on me rather frequently.

One thing I enjoyed was collecting Torgue Tokens to buy Legendary Torgue stuff. The only Torgue Legendary items I liked were the Bonus Package and the Nukem so I just bought legendary items to give them to other players.

So while I had issues with it, I don’t regret buying it at all, I just regret having high hopes for it.

Only 2 out of 6 by my count, but yes, those are horrendously bad.

On which boss fights did you use rockets? I rarely use a RL, even for FFL- too ammo consumptive to use on a regular basis IMO (I’d rather have a weapon that I’m going to use on a regular basis in hand than a RL…).

Get ready to meet one of the best characters in Borderlands.

Along with that you’ll get great music and one of the best raid bosses for loot.

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I thought “rocket heavy” means “they fire volleys of infinite damage rockets”.

I pretty much predicted every post I’d see in this.

I’m sorry @Cody2Hottie. But just mentioning Torgue means you brought it on to yourself.



That is what I meant: That They Mainly just bombarded you with explosives sans Pete, who is ridiculously easy.