What to expect from "Mr Torgue Campaign of Carnage"?

Pete makes Mister Torgue sad.

i have one question for you explosions?

Ham. Lots and lots of ham. And explosions.
In all seriousness, it’s a very solid DLC. Expect a lot of silly humor, some good weapons, an interesting currency, and decent replay value.


You could say I like it. Still like it, despite the Lootsplosion never working, which I don’t care about, because to me it is STILL one of the more infinitely useful DLC’s.

  1. Easy Peasy XP & token farming @ Pete’s Bar ( minus Invincible Pete, who not even his own mom likes ) Two controllers and one high lvl character, and you will never ask to be powerleveled again.
  2. Fun. I like shooting everything on this map. That occasionally includes myself. Whatever. RESPAWN! YOLABOTS! ( you only live a bunch of times, cause video game… yeah, I did just make that up…I should probably be stopped )
  3. If you don’t buy Torgue guns they you must be EXPLETIVE BLEEPITY BLEEP-ED!

Laughs and explosions. It’s probably the funniest DLC for the game. A few missions are annoying, but it’s a lot of fun.

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Remember to play it with explosive-only gear! MEDLOWYEYEYYWYOWU


Re-skin enemies LoL

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