What to expect in PVP games (PVE Player)

Now first off, I’m an Overwatch player. I love it’s Multiplayer it’s just MY kind of game. With that being said, I still very much enjoy Battleborn. I just believe it came out at the wrong time to catch MY attention.

With that said, heres the topic.

It’s been less than a week since Overwatch has been released and I’m almost level 40. I know it won’t boring for me but I still wanna keep watch on my playing… Give it a couple days break so I don’t get burnt out on it. So I’ve been jumping onto Battleborn and probably gonna do some major gaming after I reach level 50 in Overwatch (My break point.) So… I really do enjoy the story mode but I just wish there was more of it. I haven’t touched PVP yet cause I wanna unlock everybody before I do so. What should I expect in PVP matches? Should I follow what my team is playing and pick a character that’s best suited to help or play whatever I want?

Also please don’t go on a huge fight between Overwatch and Battleborn in this discussion. I enjoy both games very much, they’re both very different games and if you like one good for you, I hope you have fun with it. We’re all gamers here, there’s no need to pick sides when all we want is to have fun!

You should probably play what you want first and foremost. I don’t mean to compare, but I’m gonna have to based on your experience.

Overwatch’s characters are more specialized towards a specific role while Battleborn characters are more flexible and can branch out into different roles because of the Helix system. Alani is a prime example, Alani can be either a damage dealer or a healer depending on your Helix build, same with Ambra. You should really play whatever you feel is comfortable and build your Helix according to the situations.

In PvP, pacing is really important. When you decide to use your shards to activate items and when you decide to build structures is really important. Building structures not only helps improve the territory you have but also nets you experience. So if your team is behind in a level or 2 and you’re getting pushed, it might be a good idea to farm up those shards and build/upgrade turrets rather than using them to activate items that give you only slight stat boosts.

Other than these, there’s not really that much you’d need to know going into PvP that you wouldn’t already know from Overwatch. Stick with buddies, help them out whenever you can, always keep a mind on the minions, that sort of thing.

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I would find the character you like based upon your interests, then find another, then another. I would get familiar with at least one of the 3 main class types: Healer, DPS, Tank. This way you can cover a missing spot in a PVP team. Use the story modes to get familiar and play with other people. This also gets you gear and you get to see what gear you need to equip per playstyle/character.

PVP is played differently than PVE but the skills used are essentially the same in most cases. You want to be familiar with at least 3 characters for when someone joins and immediately picks your main. It will take a few rounds in each map to figure out what you are doing.

Remember, in the Meltdown/Incursion maps the primary objective is killing/escorting minions, not PVP - though PVP may be needed to keep the enemy team from killing your minions. You can PVP if you have team mates covering the minions.

And yes, lots and lots of salt at times as @AOS says.

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Here are some things you should expect:

  1. Just because someone locks one of the many support hero’s doesn’t mean they are actually going to support. This can almost completely nullify certain hero’s that can’t take care of themselves.

  2. Your hero pick in the team comp is a lot more important than you’d ever think. You go three melee’s deep and then pick a pusher. That game is on you to win baring some skilless fluke of god.

  3. The better your support is the better the game is for everyone.

  4. Each character is actually pretty cool to play and hear talk, except Benedict. I hate everything about his VO.

  5. You can expect to be taunt when you get killed. Even in the middle of combat and it results in their death to.

  6. Overwatch has pretty damn fast kill times and when you go into BB you can expect 52+ seconds slug fests.

  7. Have fun.

get ready to run into alani almost every game

when u see her this is what happens

she is gonna throw a huge wave at you,
then shes gonna lift u into the air, stunning you for a few, by the time her stun wears off u have no shield and about 20% hp.
you are gonna run away to try and survive.
too bad. shes gonna throw waterbolts at you and youre gonna die.

shes a healer tho so dont get too mad


It’s definitely not an arcade run 'n gun style game. Positioning is very important in PVP, and each character has it’s own best approach to an encounter.

Just find a character you like, get used to their skills, then try 'em out. Don’t expect to do great until you figure out the map layouts, there are multiple paths on a lot of them. Since positioning is so important, it makes knowing the maps important as well.

Retreating is important. You’ll do it a lot.

I laughed so hard at this because it’s SO dam true.