What to grind for at lv22?

I’m level 22, almost 23, in Hub of Heroism, about to do “Watch Your Step”. I took the time to farm myself a few Torrents from Meg, and I have plenty of golden keys to use for grinder food. My torrents are 17 and 18, so any grinder output with a lv23 gun should be 19…what should I look for? Do I want a shotgun, a pistol, a rocket launcher, a laser? I’m tempted to go for another SMG, see if I can get a fatale.

I honestly wouldn’t grind for anything at that level. You’ll want shock and corrosive weapons to get through the main story for the next few major sections, but the laser you can get from Moxxi’s chest will do. I honestly got through just fine on my first play-through with that and whatever I was able to pick up along the way. The only thing I would take the time to get is the cryo SMG you get from one of the side quests for Tassiter in the Veins of Helios.

Ah, the Fridgia?

Yep. Fantastic gun.

Just use the E-Gun. That’ll do until TVHM.

I agree with the above save your moonstones for sdus and just use found gear and quest rewards.