What to know about digi-Jacks?

There a lot of things that I still don’t know about digi-Jacks, and figured a thread to gather everything about them would be a valuable resource for the community. There won’t really be anything in here that will be of much use to GG builds, but who knows? Maybe this can be of some use to those builds as well. Without further ado…

Things known for certain

  1. Digi-Jack health drain is % based. No matter how much their health is boosted, they lose it at the same rate of about 20 seconds for badasses and 14 for normal Jacks. So, about 5% per second for badasses and 7% for normal Jacks.

Things that need to be sorted out.

  1. The Jack’s wrist attacks definitely scale with Bolster, but what about melee damage? Does that scale with Bolster?

  2. How does Resolute’s damage resistance get calculated? If delegation is also specced, does Resolute proc twice?

  3. If the Jack’s have a damage forumla, where does everything fit in? Is every bonus additive?

  4. On enemies with universal crit spots (like sentinel 2nd stage and Iwajira), do the Jacks get your crit bonuses from CM? They probably don’t, but there are times when they randomly do massive damage for seemingy no reason.

  5. Do the Jack’s get laser damage bonuses?

  6. The badass Jacks definitely regen health at a slower rate, but do they actually have more health?

More importantly, how do we test for these things? I can definitely do #5, but I’m hoping for some assisstance on the other 5. I’m absolutely horrid at math.

2 Resolute isn’t a stacking thing iirc if you get hit you start a ~5s buff that would only get refreshed if you get hit again. Delegation would also not do anything special cuz resolute doesn’t do shnit when Jacks take dmg.

3 I would have to math it but I would assume it would be base*(1+DMG) where base is level based. So ya additive

4 They don’t get your bonuses they might do more damage from.hitting Crits.

5 already tested that iirc it doesn’t

6 it literally says on the skill they have more health. The fact that they regen a smaller portion of their bar should confirm that.

So if you get hit, and you have delegation specced, it woudn’t apply the damage resistance from resolute to the Jacks and lessen the damage they take?

Well u said double proc it doesn’t double proc. Idk for sure if delegated damage from you gets reduced more from resolute. ( I would assume not it would also be basically impossible to test)

I could see if it works while dueling. Would that work?

Can you see how much damage digi Jacks take?

Nope. Not at all. Guess its a no go then.