What to spend shards on in the first 2 minutes of Incursion?

So I’ve got about 50 hours into Incursion and still haven’t decided upon the best strategy for early game shard spending. I’ve concluded that within your first couple of minutes it’s generally better (IMO) to buy buildables than gear because of the large amount of XP you get in proportion to your character level. Right now the first thing I do is upgrade the accelerator to get the minions moving out to mid a bit faster. That’s my strategy with most characters

The other day I got a piece of common gear that gives me -21% buildable cost at the cost of -7% skill damage for 0 activation cost. I use this with Reyna (whose skills have no damage) to buy an Elite Bot within the first 30-60 seconds of the match. So far it seems to be working pretty good to get my team that early game push.

What do you guys do with your early match shards? Is there a more efficient way to be using them than what I’m doing now?

Pro Tip: On Overgrowth if you go over the cliff to get to the first sentry instead of down the long corridor you can generally get as many shards at the start as players who went the long way without as much competition for them.

Nothing. I save up to rush legendary gear. I trust myself more than randoms.

I usually buy the shock turret in incursion and the other turret in meltdown and try to upgrade them as well. I usually stop buying stuff at 4/5 and start saving for my legendary bonus shards per second gear. Once I have that I can get all my other gear shortly after and buy lots of stuff.

This strategy allows me to get a level early, stay at pace, and then at 6/7 start to really go crazy and out level them late.

It depends on my loadout a bit.

If I brought a shard generator along I rush that ASAP. The earlier you buy the generator the more shards it will produce in the long-haul.

If not I buy turrets/elite bot early. Those give xp whereas saving for your gear does not. Levels matter quite a bit in this game. Buildables also benefit your whole team, and are much more of a pain for the enemy team in the early game.

Usually once I get my ulti going that’s about when I focus on gear.

Depends if I’m melee or ranged. Ranged can tend to have more luxury in picking gear over buildables.

As a melee, specially El Dragon being the wuss he is until level 4/5, I spend all my shards on Robots and various turrets on the map(depending on how well we hold an area ie I wont build shock turret if we can’t hold mid).

After about level 5 I stop building turrets and try and save to finish my gear activations, still buy Robots now and then though.

I never buy buildables until I have all my gear unlocked. Reason being that the best buildables (turret in middle of Overgrowth) are generally destroyed quickly.

If you buy gear early game, that bonus is with you the remainder of the game. It’s not as situational as buildables, it is constant and eternal (I almost always scrap gear with"+Damage for 30 seconds after ____" etc…).

Generally I have 1 zero-cost item with a downside that’s irrelevant to my character (like -Recoil +Healing for Miko), 1 500-600-cost item, and an expensive one. Usually have all three activated at or before half-way through the match.

All the rest obviously goes toward buildables. I try to prioritize Elite Bot > Mid Turret (if we have a strong presence and it can be held) > Tunnel turrets (helps prevent flanking) > Other Turrets > Speed Boost/Healing.

Counterpoint(though admittedly, it takes a team to really pull it off) At the start of the match, if one person snags all the clusters in your starting area, I think you have JUST enough, to buy the bot before your minion wave even starts. This is a great early on push that can cement a win if you back it up well. The extra moving body, the extra health and the extra damage, all edge out early over turrets or logistics.

It’s not possible though, unless everyone gives up that first wave of shards. Doable in a team match, not so much in a random.

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I usually have a shard generator and wait for the first minion wave of incursion to come in then by the turret because buying before gaurantees its death…If Im support I focus turrets and other buildables…Assassin or anything else I usually go in order of cheapest to most expensive

Well, when I play with a team, we let whoever benefits the most from the upgrades get the entire long lane out of the base and then they can instantly buy the elite-bot… you get 700 down that lane if nobody else steals any.

With an elite bot pushing, they can just back out and run a circuit or two around the back-side of the map, buy up whatever they want on their way back, or get a kick-start on their gear.

We do this with characters like atticus and give them a big kickstart.