What triggers shadow traps shield rebuild?

A friend and I got shadow trap at level nine in the arena. We fought him for over an hour and literally only took off one quarter of his health.

We were basically out of ammunition and options and just saved and quit.

One of the problems was his shield would constantly rebuild and I am not sure what the triggers are that caused that.

Is it just a set piece amount of time and then his shield will rebuild? Or does attacking other enemies and not constant damage to him cause it to rebuild.

I was a Wilhelm and the other player was a Nisha who was dealing massive damage with a luck Canon and still not seeing results.

It was a very strange fight. As both of us were able to stay up constantly, no problem, and continuously pour fire into him without very much results at all.

I understand that this was shadow trap and we were at level nine so everything was scaled dramatically but it seems like he can be beaten if we just do it smartly.

I haven’t fought him on anything higher than level 5 but it seems if you leave the real one for too long he starts to recharge it

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He goes invisible IIRC.

If you’re Wilhelm, deploy Wolf and Saint, then look at him and press F, he’ll be marked with a red laser. The laser mark will remain even when he’s invisible. So you can shoot him to interrupt the charging. This needs an ability though. I forgot what it is called. As long as the red mark is on, you deal increased damage as well.

IMO, the most useful gun in the 5H4D0W-TP/E0S/ECLIP5E fight is the mighty Flakker.

Good thought - and especially with an Ack Ack Oz kit?

Hey John, here’s what I suggest:

Just view the full post, hope that helps.


Yup, it helps a lot. It’s rare to find the Ack Ack though, in my experience at least. I got 1 after killing Corporal Bob 7 times during the loot event.

Also, is your name and avatar a play on “Vault 101” and “Vault Hunter” from Fallout 3 and Borderlands?

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As Mr. Torgue once said, “Maybe…” :wink: My BL2 Maya is currently rocking the Fallout skin, whatever it’s called.

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Some classes have cool tricks to track him, it’s simplest to just keep him corroded and look for the damage numbers. He’s weak to it once his shields are gone anyway.

Well, the avatar is 100% a Vault door with a vault symbol on it. Soooo…


It’s called Vault Dweller… Heh, only knew about it just now.

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you could use the crystal on aurelia, lasers on wilhelm, high trickshot spamming on nisha, maybe compound interest on jack? i don’t know how athena could track other than bleeds or the capstone for the right tree and I haven’t played clappy enough. but I think it’s just on a timer.

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Compound Interest works for Jack.

Rend/Bloodrush lasts for 12 seconds when applied, so if you time it right it’s easy to track him. The dot’s are visible through walls if I remember correctly.

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Uuuuuh, shield recharge delay?

pity. maybe the chains but those break when you get LOS with athena right? you might just be better off randomly chucking stormfronts

Hades’ Shackle indeed break when losing line of sight (also, took me a moment before figuring ou what you ment with LOS).
Admittedly, I have no clue how much of a sponge he is during the arena (only played a few rounds), but if is ‘running away’ technique still handles the same, Bloodrushing should work.

haha sorry, I used to play some mmo’s and people threw out LOS every once in a while. I am thinking when he teleports under the stages it might be difficult to find him without having something to track, but stormfront AoEs everywhere might at least keep his shields from refilling even if you don’t see him.

not shooting him for a while, which would be fine if it wherent for his other tendancy to clip through the wall/floor.