What tryp of manufacturers is great for each of the vault hunters

I usually go with the one with big damages but I realized that each character would be good with different guns than just Jacobs and Tougens. I don’t mean what manufacture is good for all characters a mean what manufacturers are good for each one of them as you level up them. So I know what type of manufacturer go great with each on of them than just going with the big damages ones. I do mean for all the gun types. from pistols to rocketed launchers

Clappy- Togue, Tediore, and Jakobs
Prefers small mag, high damage weapons, preferably with explosive or splash damage. Shotguns, snipers, some pistols tend to be staples.

Nisha- Jakobs, Torgue
Prefers high damage weaponry, preferably on the slow side of fire rate so ammo doesn’t disappear in 5 seconds. Pistols, Shotguns, can bring the hurt, while ARs, SMGs and Lasers can serve as great ammo diversity options.

Athena- Hyperion
Like fast firing, accurate weapons. Shotguns and SMGs tend to be crowd favorites.

Aurelia- All except Tediore
She can use almost anything due to her damage, crit, mag size, reload, accuracy, and fire rate buffs. The only thing I would not put in her hand is a tediore weapon, but the reload gimmick does’t jive well with her.

Jack- All
With his buffs to crit, damage, splash, fire rate, reload, and accuracy (so pretty much everything), Jack isn’t constrained to any one weapon type. Seriously, he can use everything. Just use whatever you feel like and it’ll work.

Wilhelm- All
Pretty much the same as Jack, although not quite as powerful. You can’t go wrong with lasers though.

This is all pretty rudimentary though. There are plenty of options with each class. This is the most boiled down KISS version I could think of, so feel free to use whatever on whoever if its suits your fancy.

As an Athena main… ahem, you forgot Maliwan.

Athena’s main/most powerful tree is about elementals, after all.

People who think only Hyperion manufactures (especially HSGs) work well in Athena are mistaken. Maliwan’s DoT & splash is very useful to Athena if you know what you’re doing.

Case in point - the main 2 weapons are maliwan manufactured.