What type of ending do you want for Lilith?

(pumkin1988) #1

So the story is probably already set in stone unless they really want to expand the story via DLCs next year. So this isn’t so much a prediction thread rather than what you feel would be good for Lilith’s character in your opinion.

So we know she has either lost her Siren powers temporarily or permanently in the actual teaser trailer because she has no more tattoos and then again in the gameplay trailer as the Female Twin says she enjoys being a Firehawk and to thank Lilith for her.

So that got to thinking what will happen to Lilith but at the same time what I would like to see. So I see a few options:
A) Defeat the big bad and that automatically gives anyone who had their powers stolen back to them so Lilith ends up being a crazy strong Siren again to help us fight the evil in BL4.
B) Lilith has her powers stolen permanently and becomes a regular human at the end of the game.
C) With her Siren powers gone it drains her life force and she eventually dies

Personally, I think C may happen or should I say I want to happen as an ending. Probably won’t since she is a super fan favorite at this point but Jack is dead. She avenged Roland. She is probably still single and misses him. She dies in BL3 and gets to be with her Roland in Heaven. I mean BL3 may do a huge story shift but from what I know now it does just seem like her story arc is finished. The only things we need to know that are still mysteries are information about the Sirens themselves and not actually Lilith. And we could learn all that information from Maya or the new Siren or Tannis or even the Eridians.

What kind of ending do you want for Lilith?

(Jones) #2

Death. Loved her in BL1. Then she got bossy and started doing drugs. That being said at least she has personality. Maya is just kinda… there.


I never found her “bossiness” out of place, lots of dumb/wacky stuff happens in Borderlands.

I hope she gets to be a badass, a galactic legend with a long life’s work

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(The Magnificent) #4

Oh no, a bossy woman. How terrible! :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy ending, preferably. She’s been through way too much, and persevered against hilariously stacked odds.

It would be interesting to see if there was a reason why every baddie kept picking Lilith instead of Maya or another Siren. Would be a cool thing if she was Important Important instead of just regular important, considering she’s been a series mainstay from the start.

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(wisecarver) #5

I can’t every play again if she dies.

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I’d like to ascend into a siren of pure energy. Glowing skin with the wings.

But if she goes down…

(jamesdoestuff) #7

shes kinda annoying like Raptchur said, so as rude as it sounds, death. there needs to be some sort of super sad moment in bl3 like there was in bl2 with rolands death

(Night gathers....) #8

While it doesn’t have to be Lilith, that is a valid point. For one, a good storyline should include some sad moments. The other thing is one needs something to establish the bad guys as a real threat.

In my opinion that’s one thing missing from BL1. Steele wasn’t an impressive villain and the Destroyer handed his credentials in by killing Steele and being vanquished by the player about 4 minutes later. So extradimensional, yes. Memorable villain, no.
My guess is that a friendly NPC will die in BL3 (and lots of enemy NPCs), but not necessarily Lilith. But if the story calls for it, I hope she has a good death at least.

(MaximillianZeus) #9

Death. Betraying Jack in TPS ruined her for me. I’ll be happy when she goes.

(Carlton Slayer) #10

She gets to the Eridian Homeworld and finds a place for herself- and maybe an explanation as to the origins and reasons behind Sirens…


Have to agree here, I hope borderlands 3 is the end of the line for her. Especially after Tps my like of her as a character has decreased drastically. Even if it’s not death, her being put out of commission for a while would be nice.

(1sirus2) #12

Also have to say I think Lilith should die here.
TPS really sets her up as this unhinged, vengeful jerk. BL3 could at least redeem her actions. Being humbled with the loss of her powers, and later sacrificing herself to fight with us as just another not-superpowered soldier.
Fairly certain we’re in for at least one beloved character death, at any rate.

([In Memories Delusional]) #13

I second (well, fifth I suppose) the notion that she should see her end. And I think her terrible actions caused at the end of TPS will railroad into this.

(Firehawk Cultist) #14

And there’s the yet another gullible person that completely forgets Jack was both established as psychotic and a murderer before events of TPS (you know cause we know of things he did before he broke up with Moxxi and TPS takes place after their break up) yet takes his side when he plays victim. They even spell it out for you he’s always been wearing the mask before literally wearing one.
Yes, TPS was pretty awful for the canon with so many retcons but the Jack pretending to be innocent was rather clever on their part to see who actually is easily duped.

(Firehawk Cultist) #15

So to answer the actual post, I dread Lilith being offed and I thought her losing her powers was gonna happen either in the intro cut scene or early on. Well the gameplay reveal seems to dispel that momentarily, I’m still extremely anxious for her safety.
My hope (that I believe has almost no chance of happening) is based on how one of the recent interviews said there’s multiple ways to create sirens so this could mean she could regain her siren powers at some point (or maybe make it hilarious and Brick gets her siren powers to become what he’s always wanted to be).

(Eph Em) #16

It is like they somehow forget that he’s had his daughter imprisoned as his slave weapon for her entire life, up until then.

Jack was never a nice guy.

He was never a hero.


(jamesdoestuff) #18

i never got TPS. i thought she tried to kill him because she knew he was evil? i need to play again and listen closer

(Ask me about Jack Monkey Squat!) #19

I like Lilith, aside from her trying to execute Athena in TPS (Brick was right…“This ain’t you!”). I’ve pictured her as doing the best she could with a situation she didn’t ask for (taking over for Roland) and I hope that she finds some peace after everything’s over…she needs it.

Roland, Lilith and Moxxie tried to protect Pandora, et al from an obvious psychopath…this is betrayal?

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(Smokin' Jesus titty cinnamon, that is a glorious wingspan!) #20
(Night gathers....) #21

Hm, not completely sure if I should understand that as an epic ending or as “She shall burn!” :wink:
But considering Ripley sacrificed herself to stop the xenomorph threat by killing the new Alien Queen my bet is the epic end.
On topic: I don’t mind Lilith dying, all I want is that it’s part of a good storyline.