What type of ending do you want for Lilith?

The leaders of the raiders always die she might die at the end of BL3 and birth a new siren to play in DL content later with Roland’s and Lilith’s child as the next siren to replace Lilith

I just hope she doesn’t die. I don’t think I’d enjoy borderlands as much if Lilith wasn’t in the game anymore.


I’ve liked her from the beginning and hope she has a good long run in this franchise. If an ending is coming, I would prefer a happy one.


I want her to answer for killing Roland.

I’d wager Lilith finally meeting her end here. Not that her character isn’t any good, but the fact that she’d have nothing to add to the story beyond the point of being the leader that tells us what to do and where to go. Borderlands, though it contains lot’s of humor, is a dark story. Whether you think Lilith has become better or worse since TPS and 2, she has nothing more she can contribute to the story. Reason I say this, if she get’s her powers back, the vault hunters are OP, if she doesn’t she’s vulnerable. Not only that, the Borderlands universe is no place for heroes. They usually end up dying.

Randy said that 3 was a good entry point for anyone coming into the series for the first time. To me, this indicates that in time, if the franchise has anymore future titles coming up (good God, I hope this is the case) we’re going to slowly move away from the original four. In 2, they acted as our allies, friends, and mentors. In 3, it seems everyone has for the most part gone their own way.

Of course, we have the other vault hunters from 2 who’s status are unknown, but it wouldn’t surprise me if any of them made an introduction into the story later. The story of the original four has already come to pass, and seem to be leading their own seperate lives from each other. They built the crimson raiders, and with the help of the second batch of vault hunters, they have established their own working military group in search of the vaults. They’ve set up everything for the newest vault hunters to take the spotlight, because it is now their story. It’s these vault hunters who will track down the vaults, fight their way across the dangerous and possibly war torn border worlds, and ultimately defeat the twins and any other monsters that come about. It wouldn’t surprise me if the story direction would be the newest vault hunters taking command of the crimson raiders by the end.

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Awesome really hard boss fight at the end or a raid boss!
1.6 mill health on tvhm 1 million health on normal and 3.2 million health on uvhm on op8 20 million health OP7 18 Million Health OP6 16 Million Health OP5 15 Million Health OP4 12 Million Health OP3 10 Million Health OP2 8 Million health
EDIT: Most Likely she will go out of the series some way but she could get mad that roland is dead and turn not sure ! But she will definetly go out on a high note!

Well, first for some BL3 spoilers from what we could gather from the gameplay event.

  1. She looses her powers very early on. Tyreen contacts us and thanks us for Lilith’s powers.
  2. We can assume that, due to her losing her powers, she becomes pretty much a civilian in terms of power and therefore useless.

My type of ending would be a redemption in the form of her growing up on a personal level. I think that its possible to believably write it in that way as she has to face her powerlessness anyways, so I’d prefer her redeeming herself (and getting shot while not getting killed as some sort of Karma xD) and actually being cooperative and a helping hand in the end.

I would like her to lose her powers permanently, so that the story feels like it had actual consequences. Just make it so that Tyreen wouldn’t give Liliths powers back, so that we destroy every chance of getting back Liliths powers when we finish off Tyreen. That could also be the long-awaited fight against Lilith (or rather her powers) some people wanted since TPS.


This is a good idea.
I could see brick and Mordecai begging us not to curb stomp Tyreen because of Lilith’s powers, but Lilith telling us to do it anyways.


I’m so mad. I’m now gonna be disappointed if this isn’t the ending, and unsurprised if it is. Hahaha.

Civilian like or useless without her powers? I wouldn’t go that far. She still has combat experience and knows how to use a gun. By BL2 she her powers had grown considerably since BL1 due to Eridium dosing which caused a cult to worship her as a goddess. Being stripped of siren powers IMO just sets her back just slightly below where she was at the start of BL1 in terms of strength. Basically no more teleporting around with fire bursting around at will.


In a fight against the probably most powerful siren in the universe, she would just be a liability. Sure, she can use a gun and has a lot of experience, but thats it. Also, her experience is not worth that much as she had her siren powers to keep her from dying. Basically, her maneuverability is gone as well as her speed and her invisibility. She’s a normal human being. And I fear that’s just not enough.

Edit: But she would still wipe the floor with most bandits. She is still a good fighter, just not pseudo-godlike anymore.

I hope she permanently loses her Siren powers but can grow with it and by the end turn into an amazing Commander for the Crimson Raiders.


That would be the ideal outcome in my opinion. But we are talking about Borderlands here. Everything is possible and I’m very thrilled to see what Gearbox has in store for Lilith (and all others).