What type of game is this? and some criticism

First time posting, read that its a FPS so I downloaded the beta and had a go, feels more like a 1st person moba :S

Now to some criticism

Time it takes from the character screen to get into the game mode is just a bit to long.

Why cant we swap characters during a match? one of my fav games is team fortress 2 and I like the way you can swap to counter another character, in this I’m suck with a hero who might be crap for me the bow girl in this case.

Moving on from that if you cant put up with your character and quit, your stuck doing nothing not even solo story mode until you rejoin or wait it out, who came up with that ?

This is on Xbox btw not sure if its different on other platforms.

“Hero shooter” I think is the official game type that they came up with. It’s kind of weird because it’s a blended genre. Neither “FPS” nor “MOBA” really capture the essence of the game.

Not sure why we can’t swap characters in game (I’m sure you could find an interview about it), but I’m fairly sure it’s intentional.

The “I quit the game and now I can’t play another game until it’s over” is to keep you from bailing on your team because you “don’t like your character”, leaving them down a person. Stop being so selfish and ride it out. If you really think you’re going to lose, then vote for surrender.

This is the only part I agree with. Though, I would rather see it said “The overall time to get from the Victory/Defeat screen to the beginning countdown of another match is too long”.

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The gear loadout and in match leveling are probably the reason. You tailor your gear for your character. If you had a “increase reload speed” item and switched to Rath…then that just became pointless.

Also, currently, it seems you level fastest by killing so most people would probably all start with DPS characters to fast level and then switch to a tank or support later.

That’s just my thoery on why they don’t allow it.

You cannot change chars because of the ingame progression (helix). It’s made to choose ONE and level IN the game.

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heh heh… nailed it

This and you should chose a well rounded group. If there are no support pick a support. U can always try and win with all dps and it will work but team comp is huge.

As this game is MOBA inspired it’s pretty typical in a MOBA to be “stuck” as one character for the match. It adds to the strategy. You need to pick the right gear to go with that character and then of course there’s the Helix augments. If you could switch mid-match it could potentially unbalance the game, would mess with your gear, and would make the Helix augments weird (would you re-select them every time you switch??).

Not letting you get into another match is to keep people from bailing on their teams because when you bail on your team you pretty much guarantee them a loss. It’s not a nice way to treat other people and you wouldn’t appreciate teammates bailing on you.

Anyway, it’s definitely not really a pure FPS but if the pvp isn’t your thing there is the story mode. That will have more missions come launch, I know more missions are planned after launch, and there are other difficulty levels as well. You can progress no matter what mode you’re playing, story or pvp, which I love about this game.


As most have attested to, the mechanics of the game answer the vast majority of your questions. Swapping characters mid-game would throw balance out the window (helix system, items pretty much useless unless you swap for a closely related character). Not to mention everyone would just be hot-swapping characters out continuously to counter your counter.

With that said, did you look into the game at all prior to playing? The game is most certainly MOBA inspired. This explains the not being able to requeue immediately after quitting bit (Seriously, don’t bail on your team like that. Not cool.). All of the things you listed are very much deliberate in design, and only a handful of playable characters would be anywhere near what you describe as “crap”.

Just seen the open beta didn’t know about the game before :stuck_out_tongue: the character wasn’t fun or that good for me so why would I stay around for 20mins of something I’m not enjoying? To block solo play because of that isn’t a good idea. Leting ppl swap characters would have stopped ppl leaving imo.

All characters have a learning curve, so I’d suggest sticking it out to see if things get better. First time I played Kelvin I HATED him, now he is my favorite. By dismissing a character so fast you could end up missing out on something you’d really like (of course you could also still hate them…but then that’s life).

You might also go into the Command Menu and look at any character your interested in to see what their abilities and helix choices are before choosing them for a match. It doesn’t give you the entire picture of how they play, but could help to avoid a similar situation in the future.