What Type of Maliwan Legendary Do You Hope To Earn With Your Points?

What type of MALIWAN do you prefer to use and Why? Besides the “regular” Maliwan elemental effects [ Incendiary, Shock, Corrosive, Explosive, Slag, & Freezing] what new effects are you looking for? I like to use fire weapons on unarmoured opponents and corrosive on armoured ones. My favorite weapons are SMGs. Effect I’m looking for is one which will take shields down very fast, say a combo of shock and explosive or shock and corrosive.

Looking like an SMG to me!


I don’t care about the VIP gun, but I would like more visual effects of elemental legendaries. The Volcano-shooting gun for example is exactly what I’m looking forward to. Or a weapon that has just massively stronger DoTs and actually shows that with a bigger effect. An electrocuted target could be trapped in a small thunderstorm instead of “just” getting electrocuted normally.

I also want a gun that is fire/corrosive only, empties it’s mag with 1 shot and shoots a small incendiary and corrosive phoenix-shaped projectile as a reference to Lilith.

In other words: I want Maliwan legendaries to be an actual force of nature and not just guns that fire elemental bullets.


From the footage I have seen so far I won’t be going anywhere near a Mailwan weapon that requires charging.

A “Force of Nature” weapon by MALIWAN! I like it! :+1:

If I were going to get one with points, I’d want a shotgun with Radiation (or Nuclear - whatever they’re calling it).

I’d call it “The 76”. Reference text would be something like “Sixteen times the deadliness”.

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Similar to the Nukem rocket launcher?

Depending on the situation, I’ll use the Volcano for… well, not quite precision when you’re setting entire squads on fire with one round. Break out a corrosive SMG for armor, and a slag singularity for ensuring I can set said squads on fire with one round, provided it doesn’t wipe them out first.

IMO what type of maliwan legendary do I hope for? One that farts rainbows in a way that has access to all elemental types chosen randomly on every projectile fired.

I like to see a sniper or assault rifle

It is going to be a Radiation SMG.

Bank on it.

I dunno, a charge shot sniper or rocket launcher would make for a devastating mass of elemental “F*ck everything!”

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Especially with, say, a sniper Amara.