What TYPES of guns to use as gunzerker?

So I created a new gunzerker to play with my friend and I was wondering what types of guns to use with gunzerker? I know about the grog, harold, interfacer, but what guns in general should I use? Right now im using a hyperion pistol and torgue pistol. What should I mainly be using until i get the good guns such as the harold or interfacer? I also like hyperion shotguns, how many barrels should i use on them? 4 or 1? So should i use shotguns, pistols, assault rifles, or smgs and what types of those guns?

To some degree it doesn’t matter, and to some degree skills matter more. Also left hand guns should have the crit bonus and right hand the damage and mag size, unless you do a deputy sal kind of build.

For the longest time I rand harold and a smg to op6 before needing more dps.

I’d only suggest staying away from dahl.

Burst mode is unavailable while gunzerking.

right now i am righthanding a double penetrating tourgue pistol and lefthanding a slag hyperion pistol. is that good for now? i am probably gonna use the shotgun moxxi gives you, should i be using the shotgun with the tourgue pistol or the hyperion pistol?

EIther something with a massive spread so you dont need to aim, or something Hyperion so you can get crits easily. If only there was a Hyperion pistol with a decent crit bonus…

slag give a damage bonus so go with that.

keep in mind you have gun two pairs in gunzerk. you can swap between pairs with the weapon cycle key to swap them, or use the d-pad to switch right or left gun to the alternate. a gwens head has a crit bonus and you can simply save/quit to farm them (look it up on wiki for details) as does the lady fist (arid nexus side quest, baha’s niece or whatever).

so you can swap the slag gun in and out with a crit bonus gun. moxxi’s heart breaker is fun, and it doesn’t hurt when the accuracy ramps up.

i was planning on getting a lady fist too, maybe dual wield it with a moxxi gun. would moxxis shotgun in the right hand and the ladyfist in the left hand work good?

oh, and if lady fists can have an element, what element should i put on it? slag?

One of my favorite new game combos is a Heartbreaker/slag Rubi- with both being Moxxie weapons healing won’t be a problem. My personal preference is anything with a high RoF so I usually go Vladof pistols with Maliwan SMG’s until I can start getting the quest gear I want…

Slag only gets more important as you rank up. yes. but normal and tvhm it may not be worth the time to farm for the uniques. grab any slag gun and swap when needed. uvhm you’ll want slag tho.

there are a few bosses that don’t slag, saturn, dukino’s mom, badasuarus rex, ghee (?) so some fights it doesn’t matter.

It can be any element. If you are using it as your main weapon then Shock is probably best, otherwise go Slag.

Something brutally innacurate so Aiming doesn’t matter, or something Brutally accurate so you can actually aim in the right hand is best. Off hand i prefer something slag, Moxxi or with a Crit Bonus. If only there was a…

You know what? I’m not going to do that dumb joke again. Just use the lady fist and the Grog Nozzle.

I am level 72 OP and I use

2 Double Penatrating Unkempt Harolds

2 Non elemental infinities

The Bee (Shock Immunity)

The Sherrif’s Badge

Legendary Hoarder Class Mod

and all these Max Stats OP 8

I can take down the hardest boss in the game

Crawmerax’s Son in 2 minutes

Now kill Voracidous. He’s a much bigger ■■■■■■■ than Son of Craw could ever hope to be.

(P.S., you should get something Slag. A slag gun will out DPS a second Harold, unless you have someone else to slag or a Grenade)

Is that the varkid boss?

No, the stalker. Anyone can kill Vermiverous, he just never bloody spawns. Voracidous is in Sir Hammerlocks Big Game Hunt, and he is the big bad mother of all ■■■■■■■■.

oh yeh, infinities all the way for that guy. ; )

I’m late to the party :smile:

OK, here is a general guideline for Salvador:

You have 2 guns: use one for utility, and the other one to kill

What I mean by utility:

  • All crit bonus will be shared, so if your off-hand gun has crit bonus, it will share them with your main weapon (good examples: lady fist, Unforgiven, sniper rifles, The Unforgiven, the Grog Nozzle)
  • Slag is vital, your off-hand gun should almost always be slag. the higher the chances to apply slag the better, don’t worry about damage: a consistent application of slag will triple your main hand damage. Worry instead about slag chances and fire rate (good examples: Slagga, Maliwan pistols, Kitten, maliwan snipers, hyperion shotguns, grog nozzle)
  • Moxxi weapons Will heal you for a percentage of all damage you deal (ALL damage, including your other gun and grenades) so having at least one moxxi weapon will boost your survivability better than 20 points sunk in the Brawn tree. (good examples: Heartbreaker, Good touch, Bad touch, Rubbi, Hail, Kitten, Grog nozzle, Chere amie, Creamer, slow hand)

…You might have noticed that there are a few guns that belong to more than one category
Those are the prime choices for a good off-hand weapon:

The Grog nozzle is the best off-hand weapon you can have. It has ludicrous crit bonus, heals for 65% of all damage you deal (compared to 12% for the rubbi or 2.5% for all others) and it has over 50% chance to slag.

Very good substitutes are (All slag versions):
Slow hand
Lady fist

Main hand now:
Salvador has a pretty neat advantage: he regens ammo
That means you can use powerful weapons that are normally balanced by having a small ammo pool.
I’m talking about Shotguns and sniper rifles.
Snipers can be nice, but only a few of them will handle great for Sal (mainly Droogs, the Longbow and the Lyuda)
So shotguns is where it’s at. Hyperion shotguns are prime choices because of their reversed recoil and Sal’s inability to ADS. Great choices are the Conference call, the Heartbreaker, Butcher, Blockhead, Swordsplosion, Interfacer… all great choices

The other good option are pistols.
Sal has a good COM that boosts pistols, the Sheriff’s badge is probably the best relic in BL2, pistols come in all shape and sizes, I’m your huckleberry and Divergent likeness ensure that dual wielding pistols is worth it, and best of all, 2 of the best moxxi weapons are pistols.

Same rule as for shotguns: high damage in the right hand, utility in the off-hand

Best picks are the Unkempt Harold (DP or not…I actually prefer hard myself), Thunderball fist, Lady fist, shotgun fibber, Anarchist, Assassins, veritas, Stinger, Stalker, dual Rubies.

So…that’s it! (man, do I ever ramble …)



I’m even later :smile:

I’ve got a new(ish- he’s level 54) Sal- I’ve found the best guns to Gunzerk with are two Omens (they are Seraph items FYI). I’ve got some other L72 characters so have farmed the ancient dragons, they drop lower level Seraph items, and then have transferred them over.

I’ve found that a slag Patriot at L50 combined with the Royal Omen are pretty good for Gunzerking with too; I believe the dragons are a guaranteed Seraph item drop too, so if you farm them a few times you can get either a shield, shotty or pistol (Blockage, Omen and Patriot respectively).

Do it if you haven’t already- if you’ve got a new Gunzerker but some higher level characters already, you can get L35 stuff (if you play TVHM) to transfer over, and L50 stuff if you play at UVHM.

L x

The patriot’s source is Master Gee… But that’s less important than what’s next:

The Patriot sucks terribly.

Get a normal Droog instead.

The omen are good guns indeed :slight_smile:

Contrary to the usual, I actually found an awesome Salvador pair the other day from the golden chest.

Nearly IDENTICAL, Hyperion E-Tech Splatgun shotguns… One shock, the other slag. The most neutrally-damaging pair I could have possibly had. I couldn’t NOT use them!

They’re not that strong against single targets. But against clustered mobs? OOHOHOHO… OOOOHOHOH. EVERYTHING DIES. And they’re just so much fun.

Chitsa are you stup alright you said that he can use any gun so he can use a lvl 1 basic repeater on ultimate vault hunter mode.