What Verison Number is the game now?

Anyone know what version number the game is meant to be now (After the 10/10/19 Update) ?

Because there seems to be no way in the Epic Launcher to see if the game has received any patches. So I have no idea if the 10/10/19 patch has even been installed or not :frowning:


1.03 still just a hotfix

Hum, it’s 1.03 ? - According to the epic launcher my game version number is :

So does that mean I have not recieved updates ?

On PS4 its 1.03 cant tell for epic launcher sorry for posting in PC cat thought its the same for us all

I too would like to know thus, as I’m also 1.0.2 on pc, but I don’t seem to be getting the hot patches applied in game either…