What was gearbox thinking?

Guys, I’ll die wonder what GB was thinking when they made the terrible main story for BL3.
This new DLC is amazing, so far all dlcs have been amazing, how could they have such well written dlcs and a so poor main story?
I was more sad with the first death on this new dlc than with maya.
All characters are likeable, even the villains, all villains up to now are way better written than the Calypsos, way more threatening.
I really wish I could ask directly to someone involved with BL3 story what happened to the main story.
Just to say it again, amazing DLC, best so far.


Talk to Lilith

best thing to happen, no more talking to lilith.


Also no bringing back vault key fragments to Tannis every half hour.

10/10 just for that


Even that extremely annoying gameplay element was never introduced again in all dlcs, in the dlcs you do a lot of things and when is to completely change the mission then you go talk to the main NPC again, on the main campaign every small thing you had to talk to Tannis or Lilith or Wainwright, just to come back to the same planet/map that you were lol.

How could the same company on the same game do that ■■■■ show and these perfect borderlands dlc?!


Honestly it just felt like a sh*t ton of filler. What better way to artificially extend the story’s length than by having the player fast travel back to an NPC, stand there for two minutes while said NPC rambles on and on? Now just repeat this method 100 times over the course of the story :confused:

I will say though, as cool as this DLC was, the cast for the main missions fell completely flat for me. Juno is equivalent to a plank of wood, Titus was forgettable and didn’t really do anything, Oletta had funny hair I guess, while Rose was cool, I guess. No real complaints with her.

The narrator was easily the best part of the story for me!!


I play the game with dialogue at 0% volume nowadays. It lets me enjoy my own music while I play without being interrupted by dialogue I’ve heard 10 times before.

But when you do it this way, it really emphasises how much time-wasting there is in this game:
‘…go here…press E…go here…wait and do nothing for 2 minutes while a character stands still and moves her lips, before you’re finally allowed to go over there and press E…’

It makes you realise how little actual action there is in the whole story. Characters rarely move or interact with anything. They may as well be talking statues.


I think they wasted a good opportunity to introduce laser swords that the player could use that would, also shoot elemental blade beams sense they’re doing a western samurai dlc. that would make the game better and appeal to a lot of people, and it has to be an actual weapon too not some stupid action skill that would kill the game’s demographic. also not some melee attack or ability either it has to be legit as in a lootable weapon like the guns, and the same can be said about bows too. and the mayhem 10 thing is ridiculous honestly mayhem 4 was ok but 10 was pushing a little too far.

Actually I think they are making M10 too easy, sure they should buff more guns to be viable, but the guns from this new DLC are just way too powerful and even with the old guns, it was a very easy playthrough on M10.
M10 was not supposed to be easy where you can easy any gun (of course you should be able to use more than 10)


Let me get this straight at this point you wont more nerfs after everybody is wanting weapons buffed people want the game to be fun we have had enough nerfs this new dlc has brought this game back from the dead and you want nerfs borderlands has always had op weapons.


He wants balance. I haven’t played the DLC yet but from what I have heard a number of these new legendaries are better than the M6/Cartel weapons. It’s a tricky balance to set, feeling powerful whilst having a satisfying challenge. Myself, I tend to avoid “OP” weapons and go with other stuff so I’m never too badly effected when nerfs come. I think you should be able to pick up most legendaries and find them succeed at their function without destroying things no end.

Hopefully they will learn from the DLC and make Borderlands 4 amazing! :smiley:

Yeah, just like they learned from BL2/TPS.

BL3 has better gunplay / graphics / some QOL changes. But that is about it.

Crap Story. Worse writing.
No Raid bosses.
Stupid events that (in my case) broke the HUD three weeks ago; three PATCHES ago. That give temporary weapons that cannot be farmed at higher levels and become obsolete at the next level increase.
Wasted opportunity with previous characters / vault hunters.
Menu Glitches
Convoluted Bank (yay, share ALL your Characters Loot here)
Lack of side missions
Lacklustre DLCs / which also have a lack of side missions / activities.

I could go on, but frankly I have had it with this ‘game’. I have been unable to play this thing in three weeks because of the HUD scaling issue.


Different teams work on different projects. World of Warcraft has had this issue with its expansions. Sometimes continuity and feel is lost, and some teams are better at story integration/flow/creation in general than others.

It sucks. I agree about the main story versus the DLC’s, you can really see the difference.


Maybe they took feedback from those not liking the main story and changed it up for the dlcs perhaps.

I feel like there is probably more freedom with the dlcs then with the base game. I wouldn’t be surprised if management was very strict about what had to be in main story or what had to be cut like I remember on reddit someone looked at the files and krieg was suppose to show up in the story and Troy was suppose betray his sister or something like that etc.


I agree with all that you said, but the flat of the cast is because they are new characters to for better or worse don’t have a lot of moments with you, before this dlc all cast was basically other games characters so you felt more connected to them, but I say likable because they are not bad characters like Ava lol


That makes sense, but there is probably some kind of group or person who has the final saying in this kind of situation, how could they let the main story go through being that bad?!


We were discussing it here


The Troy part is famous to be what the community agree would be better for the story, but I didn’t know it was in the game.

It is difficult to change something on the go and it turnout to be good, so probably the dlcs were already in production before the game even launched.

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