What was gearbox thinking?

No, it’s just that they are extremely lazy with the writing now. Character specific dialogue was a thing in TPS and towards the end of BL2. Everything about the writing is so cheap.

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Yeah, I miss the character specific dialogues, it was so more immersive, but if I’m not mistaken, they never called you by your name as well (because I think TPS too you could change the VH name)


There is character specific dialogue while fighting but not in any of the mission or story dialogue.

“Kill the witch!” (Amara)
“Kill the girl before she gets in her mech!” (Moze)
“Scrap the bot for parts!” (FL4K)

My favorite line is where a bandit compliments Zane on his hair and asks what product he uses. :slight_smile:


Never heard the Fl4k and Zane one, that’s so cool

This Explains everything, from character concepts to story accurately

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While I agree the story was lacking, the game wasn’t a travesty. Gameplay is fun. The biggest gripe of mine is the “talk to npc, go here, talk to npc, follow npc, escort npc”. Quests definitely could have been more intuitive when it comes to the campaign. Side missions were alright though.
Also, you gotta calm down man it’s just a game XD


Can we get them to change the name of Sirens?

Police use sirens and they are a tool of oppression


Im rofl

Oh this is Gold. :+1:


If they support BLM and are against police brutality then it shouldn’t be a problem

Apparently, the earliest use of the word as referring to a warning device was in relation to steamboats. Ambulances and fire engines use them, not to mention various public warning systems for tornadoes, hurricanes, and tsunamis. So I think we’re good on this.

I guess we let cancel culture decide?

You think they care about history or facts

I know, you’d think they’d be more aware of it!

Why are sirens all girls? :’(

…Brick should be a Siren and the prettiest.

These are facts. Bl2 BnB tt’s Dnb.


But he is the prettiest siren


But don’t let the edgy kid from the previous comments hear you, he’ll say this is an absurd political agenda lol.


equips tinfoilhat launchpad

Haha now im immune.

Had hidden agenda
She put my tender heart in a blender
And still I surrendered
Hey, like a chump
Heyyy anlike a chump

I did it all for the _________


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Seriously harsh and no need for it.

Doesn’t really seem to matter in today’s world though, where cancelling things seem to be the norm and for no real reason. Seriously, Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben!!!