What was gearbox thinking?

The first two DLCs at least were done by the GBX Quebec studio; haven’t checked who did this one yet.

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if bullet sponge equal to difficulty , why wouldnt u play bloodborne with only a pistol?

Don’t take my word for it I could be wrong friend. Since I’m going based off memory.


Yep, what @VaultHunter101 said. The DLC and BL3 main story were done by different teams. Different writers all together I’d imagine.

But they are not “bullet sponge” when you have the right build, for example besides the final boss, I killed all other bosses with two magazines using my old lvl 57 M10 gun.

Only the takedowns are very spongy, but I think that is the right amount of HP for M10.

right build? monarch ? recursion ? its the gun not ur build

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Jackpot was nothing but “please remember the far superior Borderlands 2” with all the cringe writing of 3. Tentacles was empty, boring to look at and had even more social justice crammed into it. Haven’t played the new one yet since they’re inept and can’t fix location achievements. Hopefully it is good, but by the sounds of it you have a low bar.

Build is all you have, the right gun, with the right anointment, the right shield, right skill tree and so on.

I’m not saying the game was in a good spot only having 10 good guns, but M10 is not supposed to be for everyone, is for the try hard who want a real challenge and I used Kaoson and OPQ, both destroyed the DLC on M10 (two clips killing bosses), and the new guns are even stronger.

so wheres the difficult? the time u commit to get the item?


I think you are just salty and one of those that “if there is gay in this videogame, it is political agenda”.
Jackpot was the weakest so far but nothing bad about it, story quite expected from the borderlands franchise, okayish villain, great boss fight, good gear when came out, I don’t see where you saw cringe writing on that dlc because it was all in range with the characters already introduced in previous borderlands games like TPS.

Tentacles, was spot on, I really don’t care if a character is gay or not, it was just two characters getting married (makes sense since Hammerlock was always known to be gay). The villains here were amazing, real villains, way more threatening than Calypsos, the final boss fight was a little of a let down since it was a giant heart, but whatever.

Bounty of Blood was everything a borderlands game should be, if it was bigger it could even be another borderlands game on its own. Not going to say much since you didn’t play it yet and maybe someone reading this didn’t as well.

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I have only played basically the opening map of the DLC, but the asian-western (I guess that’s what it seems to be?) vibe is really awesome. Liking it quite a bit so far!

Did you play any of the takedown? If you are not playing Zane on then, they are quite difficult, you need to have good timing to stay alive for the entire fight, and all videogame fight needs to have a right amount of sponginess to be difficult (it wouldn’t matter if the enemy could hit kill you with his complex moves or whatever if you could just one shot it…)

And I don’t know if you got it, but I’m complaining about the lack of difficulty on the general M10 outside the takedown, because the enemies are not spongy enough on M10.

yes , it need to have right amount of sponginess to be difficult but pre patch m2.0 is too bullet sponge . u dont feel the difficulty because u have best item in the game and possibly 3 lines weapon damage splash damage crit or whatever on your class mod .

so the point is , if u can grind a lot then the game become easier then where is difficulty?

now youre talking about takedown blah blah . dude pre patch m2.0 u cant even use a non meta gun without all these +whatever type of damage on your class mod and artifact to get a reasonable time to kill on general mobs .

I remember that, but I think the patch that nerfed M10 health multiplier was too much, people that were building the character for that are too strong now, it is a “first world problem” hahahaha

Honestly the DLCs to me have had the same low quality humor and writing from the main story. All of the new characters are so forgettable, except for maybe Toge. NPCs still call you stupid ■■■■■■■■ like “gunslinger”, “newcomer”, etc instead of calling you by your respective VH name. The same can be said about all the DLCs so far tbh

The name thing is because you can actually change the name of your character and the comedy is like it always was since bl1, you are just older now.

Hmmmm. I play FL4K and started out the DLC on M4. Quickly switched to M6. Took an hour but I got used to it. What I realized is that all the enemies are now seriously bullet sponges. I can’t imagine what it’s like on M10. I was running out of ammo like crazy on M6 and that had NEVER been an issue before. Granted I had just started playing above M3 the last DLC before this one.

I have no weapons right now that are above M6, obviously. Are you saying that M10 content is too easy for you while using the M10 weapons/gear you’ve gotten? If so, wouldn’t that be normal progression? Couldn’t you revert down to lower M level gear and play it? Is it just this DLC that’s easy for you, how about the raid?

There is no way to have lower M gear when you are used to play M10 since its launch, not enough bank, and the raid is quite difficult to be honest, but I think all M10 even the normal game should be at the level of the raid, so try hard players can have a challenge without the need to self sabotage

I was playing Zane on MH10 in the DLC and was shredding with a mayhem 10 kaoson and OPQ system

Haven’t gotten either of those yet. Stopped playing after the Cartel event due to console crashing. I have a lot of farming to do. I don’t think I can survive M10 right now.