What was the deal with velocity again?

So I was trying to consider builds for getting through the OP levels as zero and wanted accurate information to make decisions bout speccing velocity. I remember there was something wrong with the critical bonus listed and that it was in actuality less than it stated, but the topic about it on the old forums isn’t working in the archive.

Does anyone remember what the exact deal with it was? Also, is the gun damage also weird or is it still normal additive gun damage?

Something about the formula makes it so that both the damage bonus and the crit bonus are half of what it says on the skill card.

I remember that being the case about critical damage but I’m not so sure about the gun damage. Was the gun damage being halved also a critical hit only thing? I just tested body shots with a jacobs rifle real quick and got 36142 base, 39756 with velocity, and 61441 with velocity and OSOK which looks like the gun damage is additive 10% as normal. Critical hit testing would require a lot more effort and math, would be nice if someone had a definitive answer here instead.

Gun zero doesn’t have a ton of additive gun damage outside of OSOK unless you’re consistently getting to max and maintaining rising shot stacks well, 20% gun damage with a killer com seems nice if I’m not using guns like pimps/lyudas.