What was the last game you played?

Post the most recent game you played before visiting this thread now.
Not what you’re about to play, not what you played two days ago. The
most recent game.


Metro: Last Light
Game is pretty damn great.

Just finished it and about to do another run on another complete difficulty. Then i’ll do the extra missions that i just found that was hidden in the chapter select menu…

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Mario Kart DS because I found out last night that there’s always a mini racing tournament on the way to school every day.

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Played Smash for the first time since around January, just got dumped on.

Hard Reset (damn fine game).

Rayman Origins.

Great game.

Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls.

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Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles. Damn that game is grindy to get the high level stuff.

GTA V. Just got it a week ago

I like your online characters moustache :^)

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It’s even better with the outfit

Borderlands the Original as Mordy.
(No Really, I AM!)

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Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

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Not so unbelievable. Highly replayable series!

(edit: I played BL2 and TPS this morning)

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Though, with all the mods installed it starts to look like L4D2:BL Edition.

How much did you pay for those mods? :^)

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xenoblade chronicles 3d

Good one, I laughed.

Not everything is from the Workshop (luckily).
The site I got most from doesn’t allow me to download anything since they updated the layout for some reason.

P.T. (Silent Hills) before it went down. It’s amazing how Konami doesn’t want money. You put three big names behind a project, sure to generate buzz easily. And they pull the plug on it. Damn.

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I was sad when I was reading news articles about this earlier today, dispite having no interest in SH.
Shows how low Konami has sunk.